nasa hoax

the earth is flat and nasa is a hoax.  i demanded that nasa let me go to the international space station and they refused because there is no such thing as space or stations or internationality

Ever wonder why the NASA I.S.S. takes that weird path as it traverses the Earth doing humanity a great deed by testing plants and doing other experiments easily worth the $160 Billion?  Well, they don’t… they just go round in circles. Literally and figuratively. 

Liar, Liar, 100 miles and no higher! 


10 reasons why people believe the Moon landing is a hoax.


No, ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Did Not Take A Picture of a UFO

“But you’ve got to remember something when it comes to science, and especially when it comes to explaining something unexpected: before seriously considering any novel explanations for an unexpected phenomenon, you must rule out all mundane explanations. What this means is, before we’re even willing to entertain the possibility of aliens, UFOs or other explanation that would entail a new discovery of any sort, we’ve got to rule out all the things that we know exist.”

On his 233rd day in space, ISS astronaut Scott Kelly took a photo that’s since gone viral of the Earth at night, showing a number of cities in India and a star field above the planet’s atmosphere and airglow. But in the upper right of the photo, a Star Destroyer-esque light looms. As I explain, however, this is simply light reflecting off of the ISS’s HDEV module, nothing more complex or extraordinary than that. Go check out the photos for yourself, and see if you aren’t convinced!


Why the Moon Landings Could Have Never Ever Been Faked