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Sa mga nakasama ko mula ng dumating ako, @hawhawkarabaw @medyo-gaga @pleasesmilewheneveryoureadthis @singko-girl @estranghera @tammyhiddenfeelings @imyoursweetestrevenge Salamat sa inyo. Super nagenjoy ako na kasama kayo kahit na eto yung unang beses na nagkita tayo. 👍🏻

Sa mga nakita ulit, @reynanghugot (na hindi ma-tag), @emptyserendipity @sdkulas @curioshittyy @guiltytoledo @notyourkenji @anaventurer @cm-psycho @sikolohistang-baliw @thepaparhodspeaks, hope to see you again next year. 💕

Sa mga unang beses na nakita, @alizalakwatsera @peppermintchuuxx @engrhobbit @black-spider-man @nagtataengbolpen @jhellovesyou @pinkrosesandgraveyard, I hope to see more of you next year :)

At kay @lovelettersfromthedead finally! Sis. Nagkita din tayo after a year. For the first time haha. Hindi ko alam na nasa harapan lang kita habang lumalamon ako ng manok. Chos! See you again sis 💕

Sa mga nakita, nakasalubong, nakausap, na hindi ko nabanggit, pasensya na. Hindi ko kase kabisado yung tamang spelling ng url nung iba. See you next year guys!

mcr flavored ~ tag yourself

Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

*sweats furiously* okay I know that there’s an event for this but I can’t wait 2-3 months so here’s a Josuyasu fusion.

falling asleep on nct dream’s shoulders

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Request: @elejks said: hello! can u do a reaction of nct dream to their crush falls asleep on their shoulders ? thank u, sorry if u dont understand.

A/N: ok so this is a kind of a reaction thing but at the same time it’s not???zfhekgfhge it’s basically a headcanon thing w all the same subject and in this case it’s falling asleep on their shoulders!!hope u enjoy<33 will put under a read more!!side note for in the future tho: i can do things like this but i probably won’t make them like per group anymore ajfhjhghr so basically just headcanons for one member!!<3thank u for reading

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure summed up

Part 1: An English boy'a dog is murdered, leading to a series of near end of the world events.

Part 2: A gay loser from Italy and a gay loser from New York team up to fight 3 Aztec vampires dressed like strippers using sunshine king fu.

Part 3: A temperamental high school student, his grandpa, a wise old black man, a hair noodle having Japanese student, a stupidly gay French guy, and an angry doggo travel around Asia fighting with their imaginary friends on their hunt to kill a homoerotic vampire in Egypt.

Part 4: A marine biologist who loves dolphins and his 16 year old uncle hunt down David Bowie with an insatiable hand fetish.

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