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mcr flavored ~ tag yourself

Today, March 22nd 2017, marks 4 years since My Chemical Romance joined the Black Parade on March 22nd 2013, after 12 glorious years of bandom and adventure. In honor of this anniversary, tagurself presents a My Chemical Romance themed ‘tag yourself’. Killjoys, enjoy.

What I want out of a live-action Mulan adaptation

The movie starts with Ming-Na Wen putting her little girl to bed. Little girl wants a bedtime story, and Mama May Ming-Na Wen settles in to tell her one.

The rest of the movie is the live-action adaptation of Mulan, with a teenaged Asian actress playing the BAMF Mulan we all know and love, Eddie Murphy voicing a CGI Mushu, and hilariously gratuitous shirtless scenes for Shang.

After Mulan is over, the movie cuts back to the little girl finally falling asleep. Ming-Na Wen retires to her own bed, where her sleepy husband asks what story it was, this time.

“Oh, I just told her the story of how we met.”