nas interview

when mikael and even met even had an ‘o shit’ moment where mikael asked him if he’d listened to nas and even lied and said he did so mikael called him out on it and told him he could listen to him later and that’s how even discovered nas


mnet_etchan (Twitter): 29日(木)21:30〜のMタメBANG!は大人気ドラマ『鬼〈トッケビ〉(原題)』スペシャル編を放送! キャスト陣のインタビューなど盛りだくさんでお届けします🐷💕 7月からはドラマのアンコール放送も決定!! MタメBANG!もドラマもお見逃しなく☺️👌🏻 #Mタメ #トッケビ


29, (Thursday) 21:30 of M tame BANG! broadcast of the popular drama Goblin dokkaebi (original title) Special Edition. In many interviews with casts and deliver Encore broadcast of the drama also determined from July! M tame BANG! also Miss drama it

今夜20:30~「#鬼< #トッケビ >(原題)」アンコール放送スタート!#コンユ #キムゴウン #イドンウク #ユインナ #ユクソンジェ(#BTOB)出演!900年を生きたトッケビと少女の哀しくも美しい愛の物語!#Mnet 詳細👉


Travis: Dardoch is off camera right now. Were you blusing when he said those nice things about you in the post game interview or didn’t even know?
Huhi: yeah I was so blushed.
Huhi: I actually don’t understand why people call him toxic. Because he’s not.
Travis: I mean, have you seen a movie called Breaking Point?


We sit down with the legendary voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, and talk with him about his career as a Power Ranger, the anime industry, and his overall life experiences!