nas birthday


Happy Birthday Hirakawa Daisuke

One of my favorite seiyuus and the very first seiyuu I became a fan of

I love you and have an amazing birthday you’re sweet, kawaii and very kind soul may you be blessed with more great voice acting roles in the future. Lots of love.


From Friday, April 14th to Thursday, April 20th, celebrate and appreciate everybody’s favorite Jojo, Giorno Giovanna, for his birthday!!

Please read the rules if you are interested in participating!! There are also a bunch of prompts to choose from for each day, but they’re totally optional!!

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Gilberto Weasel :D!
yo, the weasel-subclass of the Motheeeer, it’s his baaaasdeyyy today! \( >w>)/!~

- “ that’s right Jil….I love birthday parties ~ ”

let’s celebrate with him!!*^*
it’ll probably be the most maniacal birthday party ever but… who cares ( ᐛ )ᕗ!
Jil ‘n Rei are such a perfect duo, I love them :'DD <3
But I just didn’t know how to color that scarf… I thought it’s white, but since Cosplayer used yellow ( hi Eva :D ) I used yellow too. yay :M!

he became sexier than expected, woops :’D
hope u like it tho ~

starry night

This is for my best friend. Happy birthday! I wish you the best of luck and stay healthy. Bro you are such a wonderful person and I’m so glad that we became friends. The Josuke to my Okuyasu. I’m so proud of you and how confident you’ve become. And you only get better and better at what you’re doing.

I hope you like Kakyoin and Jotaro having a romantic time together after they reached eagypt.

[170423] • “OP saw Jaemin and Jeno play together @ cheongdamdong and Jaemin hair color look different Jeno keep walking with Jaemin”

• “ Jaemin and Jeno were seen whispering to each other ”

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