der Aal (Aale) - eel
die Blase (Blasen) - bubble
der Fisch (Fische) - fish
das gesunkene Schiff - sunken ship
der Hai (Haie) - shark
die Koralle (Korallen) - coral
der Kraken - kraken/octopus
der Krebs (Krebse) - crab
das Meer (Meere) - sea/ocean
die Meerjungfrau (Meerjungfrauen) - mermaid
die Muschel (Muscheln) - mussel
der Narwal (Narwale) - narwal
der Oktopus (Oktopusse) - octopus
die Perle (Perlen) - pearl
die Qualle (Quallen) - jellyfish
die Robbe (Robben) - seal
der Sand (Sande) - sand
die Schildkröte (Schildkröten) - turtle
der Schwertfisch (Schwertfische) - swordfish
der Seeigel - sea urchin
der Seehund (Seehunde) - seal
das Seepferdchen - seahorse
die Seeschlange (Seeschlangen) - sea snake
der Seestern (Seesterne) - starfish
der Tang (Tange) - seaweed
der Taucher - diver [male]
die Taucherin (Taucherinnen) - diver [female]
der Tintenfisch (Tintenfische) - squid/octopus
das Unterseeboot (Unterseeboote) - submarine
der Wal (Wale) - whale

atmen - to breathe
ertrinken - to drown
sinken - to sink
tauchen - to dive

aquatisch - aquatic
gefährlich - dangerous
kaltblütig - cold blooded
sandig - sandy
schuppig - scaly
vom Aussterben bedroht - endangered
warmblütig - warm blooded
wasserlebend - aquatic/living in the water

Pop culture witchcraft- svtfoe

Imma do a small list of spells from star vs the forces of evil.
-all seeing eye for scrying
- narwal blast to repel negativity
-glitter dragon escalation for a powerful motivator
-sunshine friendship spell to gain confidence and starting a friend relationship
-warnicorn stampeed to cast a circle around you and keep toxic people out

Imma do sigils for these

Signs drawing...
  • Aires: Crayola? Really guys?
  • Leo: Shut up, Aires, come draw with us.
  • Taurus: I drew a burger.
  • Gemini: Good 4 u. I drew a battle strategy for-
  • Sag: A war against the aliens. We know, Gem.
  • Cancer: I think it's smart. *Blushes.*
  • Virgo: Leo, help me draw a unicorn.
  • Pisces: I brought you guys snacks!
  • Leo: Yes! Luv ya. Cancer, look I drew you!
  • Taurus: *Steps on everybody, trying to get to the snaks*
  • Libra: Dingbat! You messed up my tattoo ideas.
  • Scorpio: Guys, sh. I'm trying to work.
  • Gemini: Loosen up, Scor.
  • Scorpio: One more nickname, and you'll b in a coma.
  • Capricorn: U two r so cute.
  • Aires: Pastels would be better. Or... Virgo, what's that?
  • Sag: Virgo, is that a narwal?
  • Virgo: Aquatic unicorn. Aquarius gave me the idea.
  • Aquarius: I'm the smart one.
  • Scorpio: What's steel made of, then?
  • Aquarius: *Rolls eyes* It's the name of the metal-
  • Gemini: Nope.
  • Libra: Then what's it made of?
  • Scorpio: It's an alloy of iron with carbon and usually other elements, used extensively as a structural-
  • Pisces: Hahaha.
  • Taurus: What?
  • Pisces: Aquatic unicorn.