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No one dies au Headcanon that Sasuke called Minato “Mr. Naruto’s Dad” until he was like 10 and realized “HOLY SHIT NARUTO’S DAD IS THE HOKAGE” and he gets really embarrassed, and starts calling him “hokage-sama,” but Minato asks him to stop because he likes that there’s someone who knows him first and foremost as Naruto’s dad, and not the leader of one of the most powerful villages in existence

highlights from the new monster factory:

  • rainbow naruto run
  • scump man
  • knife dad accepting his lesbian daughter
  • everyone fucking all the enemies up COMPLETELY
  • the one player named “taako but with a missile launchr” [sic]
  • pushups
  • “life dad for knife dad”
  • the sheer amount of genuine happiness in it,, Blessed video
  • the player named “big succ devourer of worlds”
  • world’s best dad, world’s sharpest knife
  • thank you, knife dad!

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I don’t know how I feel about this… I hope its okay.

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It was the dead of morning, a time where no one should have been awake, but in a small home, there paced back and forth a father with his child, desperately trying to get her fall back asleep, though there seemed to be no avail.  Sasuke really didn’t know how long he had been walking back and forth with his daughter, but at this point it had just become an arbitrary time, and if he was ever able to get her back asleep, he’d take it as a victory.  As he made his way up and down the halls of his home, he could feel her still sniffling hard, her chest quickly rising and falling, finally calming down after what he felt like she had been crying for hours.

Now, Sasuke knew that her tears weren’t because she needed anything; he had already tried anything and everything of the baby necessities. She was crying, because she was now going on three weeks without you, and that was something that was finally beginning to take it’s toll of her. It was a curious thing really, Sasuke never thought that an infant could truly realize that there was a separation, but as the days turned into weeks, Sasuke become very well aware that his child knew that you were gone and the she wasn’t ready for that distance.

Letting out a small sigh as he placed his chin on top of her head, he mumbled to her, even know he knew she wouldn’t understand what he was saying. “This is the last time she’s going on a long mission until you’re older…” he trailed off, not angered at the fact you were gone, but knowing that it wasn’t in the best interest of your daughter either. “I don’t care that Kakashi needs her for missions; you’re just not ready to be away from her for this long…” Sasuke’s voice faltered again, he, himself not ready for you to be gone for this long either.

And as he said that, her sniffling died down a bit. Lifting his chin so he could look down to his baby, he raised an eyebrow as he saw this as a cue, “Are you going to be okay if I try to put you down?” he asked, almost as if he expected an answer. Still, she looked up to him with those half opened obsidian eyes that mimicked his a bit too much, almost wanting to fall asleep but not being able.  

“Let’s try…” he offered to her as he began to walk towards her nursery. Closing the door behind him, he made his way to the crib and tried to place her down on the small mattress, but still he had no luck. Clutching onto him like she didn’t want him to put her down, she let out a small cry as Sasuke laid her down and placed a hand on her to settle her down.

“She let’s you sleep in the bed, I know, but…” he muttered, recalling the millions of times others had chastised both him and you for doing such a thing. “We’re not supposed to. You’re little, and….” he stopped, not really knowing what else to say.

Still his baby looked up to him with tears forming again, the separation between her dad now putting a toll on her also.

He frowned, not liking to put his daughter through any more stress on top of her separation anxiety. So kneeling down, he got closer to her, hoping that maybe that would help her fall asleep. Slightly hanging over the crib, he just frowned as he laid his head down on the bar and his eleven month old looked up to him, still sniffling as she finally stopped her crying, but was still upset. Seeing this, Sasuke shook his head for a moment, knowing exactly what his daughter wanted, because it was something that he too wanted, but knew he wasn’t going to get for a while. Gently, he held onto her little hand, his thumb slowly running back and against her palm, and just sighed as he came to the realization that there was no way she was going to fall asleep in the crib.

And so, he gently picked her up again and began to walk back towards his room, giving into her. Though as he made he was there, he glanced down to his daughter as she rested her head against his chest, finally at peace for a while though the sniffling was still there, and then admitted a truth that would never be spoken outside that house, “I know… I want her to come back home too…”