As word spread that a new member was joining the ANBU, the youngest ever and an Uchiha, Guy made a bid to Hiruzen to join after realizing that Kakashi was becoming increasingly withdrawn; however, he was rejected not only by the hokage, but also by Danzō, who informed him that he lacked darkness. Sarutobi sent Guy to exchange scrolls with a group while Hatake and Itachi were tasked to assassinate the group that was suspected of double-crossing Konoha. Horrified, Guy watched on as the the two murdered the opponents. Returning to the village, Guy was debriefed and pleaded with the village leader to release Hatake from the ANBU, fearing what he had become. Meanwhile, the Uchiha held a meeting with Itachi reporting the standing of the village as Shisui was present. As he sat down, Itachi spotted a stone monument behind his father and began reading it with his Sharingan. To be continued

The Floating Elder, by NarutoPants.

Relieved from his ANBU duties, Kakashi started his day as jōnin and instructor to genin. He recalled his past mistakes on his training days with his former sensei and tried to make his own way in teaching his candidates while Hiruzen noticed the darkness still embedded in Hatake’s heart. On the other hand, Guy trained Lee, Neji, and Tenten, and the young shinobi successfully excelled. As they rested, they talked about Hatake’s way of training, which made Guy worry. He talked to Asuma and Kurenai ‘bout their friend and suddenly, the hokage joined 'em. After Hatake continuously ignored Guy, he was stormed by his former students, who thanked him for the lessons he taught from the bell test. The village leader finally revealed the next team assigned to the Copy Ninja: Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. To be continued

Sasuke’s Rinnegan, by NarutoPants.


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