naruto: hi i’m 12 i like ramen and i wanna be hokage and i can do sexy jutsu

iruka: naruto u failed the graduation exam again u can’t even be a genin

mizuki: dude naruto just steal some scroll and learn a jutsu from it and i’ll give u dat cool ninja headband ok

naruto: lolk shadow clone jutsu ftw

iruka: naruto why’d u steal that scroll ur in trouble

mizuki: hahaha he’s the nine-tailed demon fox

naruto: wat

iruka: mizuki no

naruto: shadow clones!! /kills mizuki

iruka: k u get the headband u join team 7

naruto: yas i’m with sakura-chan oh fuck fuck i’m with sasuke-teme

kakashi: i’m ur team 7 jonin leader come get the bells don’t share food during lunch time

sasuke: /shares food with naruto after the 3 failed to get the bells

kakashi: yas u guys learned abt teamwork good job u pass so what dreams do u have

naruto: hokage

sakura: sasuke-kun

sasuke: i wanna kill dis bitch

kaka/saku/naru: uh k

kakashi: k we’re going on missions now follow behind i have a sharingan

sasuke: yo i got sharingan now too/saves naruto from bad guys, almost dies 

naruto: sasuke why

sasuke: idk my body moved on it’s own usuratonkachi

naruto: /uses nine-tails chakra and defeats bad guys

sasuke: /miraculously survives

kakashi: k guys ur good enough to be chunin so i signed u up for the chunin exams

gaara: i wanna fight uchiha sasuke

kabuto: yo i seem like a good guy but lol no

naruto: woot passed first round time for the forest of death

orochimaru: i want sasuke’s body

sasuke: fuck i have a curse seal now

sakura: sasuke-kun naruto what happened

neji: u can’t change fate

lee: i like u sakura-san and my fiery spring of youth

hinata: naruto-kun

ino: fuk u sakura i like sasuke too

shikamaru: … troublesome.

sand siblings: dude we’re gonna help orochimaru invade konoha

orochimaru: /kills 3rd hokage

gaara: i’m lonely and i’m a jinchuuriki

naruto: same

sasuke: when the fuck did naruto get so strong

sand ninja: fuck we got tricked by orochimaru

jiraya: hi naruto kk we need to find a new hokage asap my friend tsunade’s good

itachi: yo not so fast

sasuke: hi i’m here too ITACHI IMMA KILL U

itachi: dude ur still weak bye

jiraya: k naruto imma teach u rasengan hey we found tsunade

naruto: boobs

orochimaru: nah tsunade come to me

tsunade: i considered it but nah imma be hokage k let’s go back

sasuke: naruto let’s fight



sakura: no guys stop

sasuke: k some guys came to get me imma leave the village bye

sakura: sasuke-kun don’t leave

sasuke: ya no imma pce it

naruto: shit we gotta get sasuke back /forms retrieval team

shikamaru: k guys we gotta kill the sound ninja

naruto: sasuke come home

sasuke: no i need power look i can unleash this cool curse seal


sasuke: NARUTOOOOOOO k i win bye

naruto: imma bring sasuke back for sure don’t worry sakura /leaves for like 2 and a half yrs to train w/ jiraya


akatsuki: k we’re gonna get shuukaku out of gaara

deidara: BOOM BOOM POW

sasori: ur puppets can’t beat mine

naruto: imma save gaara

gaara: thanks naruto u saved me again ily no homo

naruto: ily2 no homo

sai: hey i’m sai im the new sasuke

naruto: fk u there’s only one sasuke

sakura: wtf 

yamato: i’m ur new team 7 leader and i can control wood

naruto: shit i can’t control kyuubi anymore

yamato: yo dw got ur back

naruto: where’s sai

sai: i was gonna betray u guys but nah i’m a good guy

sasuke: dobe

naruto: holy shit sasuke come home

sasuke: no

sakura: pls sasuke

sasuke: no

kyuubi: hey do u want my chakra

naruto: no stfu i’m trying to get sasuke back

orochimaru: sasuke stop let’s go

sasuke: k bye

hidan: gonna capture kyuubi ye jashin

kakuzu: money

shikamaru: they killed Asuma we gotta avenge him

kakashi: i’ll help

naruto: hi i’m here too 

team 10: yay got our revenge

sasuke: thx orochimaru but imma kill u now 

konoha: wtf sasuke killed orochimaru

naruto: sasuke imma bring u back to the village let’s go find itachi

itachi: dude why u so obsessed with my bro k bye

sasuke: itachi i finally found u imma kill u u killed all the uchihas im geting revenge

itachi: i want ur eyes


itachi: ok i lost i was jk this is the last time

tobi: dude itachi was a good guy

sasuke: shit wtf did i just do oh but i got mangekyo sharingan now

konoha: wtf sasuke killed itachi

pain: i’m the leader of akatsuki ur my sensei but imma kill u jiraya

naruto: jiraya died no ok i have to train sage mode still not enough power i need help kyuubi

minato: no naruto

naruto: omg dad ur the 4th hokage

minato: imma redo the seal

naruto: thanks dad love u /defeats pain

konoha: yayyy naruto’s a hero

naruto: who the fuck is danzo why is he hokage why is baa-chan in a coma i gotta go to raikage and plead that he doesn’t kill sasuke for fucking with his brother bee

raikage: sorry he’s a criminal we’re gonna kill him

sasuke: kills danzo

sakura: naruto ily now not sasuke so stop tryna get him back to the village because of our promise

naruto: no this ain’t even for u anymore kk sakura u still like sasuke

tobi: dude here’s the truth about the uchiha

sakura: fuck imma kill sasuke myself shit i can’t do it

kaka/naru: hi team 7 reunites



tobi: imma stop the party right there

sasuke: i’m not going back holy shit how many times does it take for u to understand ur obsessed

naruto: next time we fight we’re both gonna die

sasuke: no imma kill u bye

yamato: k u gonna train with bee and try to control ur tailed beast

bee: rap rap rap yas

naruto: shit can’t take this anymore omg hi mom

kushina: yo sup i love you don’t give up

naruto: ye i have this cool form now!!! shit we’re now in a war

/a lot of fighting happens and everyone’s like revived by kabuto including madara

kyuubi: k imma help u now naruto we’re best buds

tobi: yo i’m actually obito hi kakashi fuck u for killing rin

kakashi: dude i thought u died

obito: nah madara saved me and shit imma revive ten-tails now i’m its jinchuuriki

neji: naruto watch out

naruto: shit neji why did u die protecting me 

orochimaru: hey sasuke i’m back here lemme help u revive all the hokages

hokages: wtf’s goin on

sasuke: stfu tell me the story of the uchihas OMG WHAT k im gonna help out in the fight hey guys i’m back i wanna be hokage

naruto: wtf but w/e yas team 7 reunites

/more fighting

everyone: yes we did it!

madara: not so fast there’s still me hi

sage of six paths: dude naruto sasuke u guys were brothers in a past life work together to beat madara

kakashi: fuck my sharingan’s gone

madara: dude imma create this illusional world using infinite tsukiyomi ya i got both rinnegan

sasuke: yo i have a rinnegan too

black zetsu: haha i’m actually not ur will madara sucka im kaguya aka mommy’s will

everyone: what the fuck

kaguya: chakra’s mine give it back

sasuke: wtf i’m in this weird world

obito: come sakura naruto i’ll help get sasuke back

sasuke: k im back

obito: here kakashi my sharingan now u have two i’m out pce

naruto: sexy reverse harem technique

everyone: what the fuck

/more fighting

naruto: yay we beat kaguya! k sasuke let’s undo infinite tsukiyomi

sasuke: lol no imma kill the 5 kages and start a revolution

naruto: wtf r u saying bitch

sasuke: let’s fight

naruto: k

sasuke: valley of the end again huh




sasuke: NARUTOOOOOOOOOOO ur my only friend but that’s why i gotta kill u and be hokage and live in darkness

naruto: no ur not we understand each other’s feelings

/both lying down

sasuke: i lost but dude why are you so obsessed with me

naruto: because ur my friend and ily no homo (yes homo)

sasuke: /creys ily too no homo

naruto: we both lost arms doe

sasuke: shut up usuratonkachi


– since naruto’s ending like tmr, i wrote my interpretation of the basic plot of naruto for people who’ve never read the series, or have just been too lazy to catch up. and because i had too many naruto feels. sorry i couldn’t add all the details / characters in LOL disclaimer: this is purely for entertainment so yeah js

Go forth and multiply… my nejiten bbs, headcanons, fics, art &etc… 

I am still hoping against all the damned odds, that neji will somehow rise from the dead… and will make more bbs w/ tenten

oh my god NARUTO the last is making me lose all my shit, T_T the naruhina is so strong.. i am so happy… Kakashi is hokage!!!! I am losing my shit.. oh god.. 

when I will see the movie, I will scream with the rest of them and say.. “NARUTOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’….. gahhhhhhhhhhhh

omg hinata’s naruto-kuuuuuuuunnn.. so cute.. they are soo endgame