Okay I’ve decided to make my FOLLOW FOREVER 2013! ;3
You guys are awesome and i’m glad that you’ve been part of my year 2013!!! Anyway enough of drama, I may not be able include everyone in my blogroll, such as some theme and resources blogs and I’m afarid some have moved, I can’t be really sure. So for the meantime, these are my follow forever:

BOLD ones: are my fave blogs
BOLD + ITALIC ones: my fave also and one I treat as friends and really cool people:


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1. Favorite anime/manga?

~ I don’t watch anime too much now, but for all the animes I’ve watched my faves so far are: Death Note, K on, Arcana Famiglia, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Yamato Nadeshiko, uhmmm…Kuroshitsuji. ^^;

2. Do you have or want any tattoos/piercings?

~ No. And I never wanted to. :P I don’t even wear earrings. lol

3. Favorite childhood movie?

~ Mr. & Mrs. Smith? XDDD that’s the movie I can’t forget that I’ve watched that i like as I was still on my grade school days.

4. The OTP of all OTPs?

~ Obviously [or maybe not] LIGHTIS,NOKURAI!!!

5. Your NOTP of all NOTPS?

~ Omg do I have to say it. XD Better not or I’m afraid a war will start. XDDD But I think I don’t have NOTP out of NOTP, because once it’s my NOTP, every notp feels are mutual. [hate] XD

6. Favorite snack?

~ uhm…anything, as long as my taste buds want it. XDD

7. Favorite thing about Christmas?

~wonderful GIFTS!!! ;D

8. How long have you been on Tumblr?

~ uhm.. about a year or two, I think.

9. One place you want to go before you die?

~Around the world. 

10. If you could meet any famous person, who would you meet?

~Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift. 

11. Favorite video game?

~Final Fantasy [xiii, vii,dissidia & dissidia 012]


I’m afraid, I won’t tag anyone. ^^; Anyway thanks for tagging me. ;3