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personally i get you're a satire blog and all but you're taking advantage of people in the fandom who dont understand that. i find your blog funny especially with the celebrity posts but honestly like i get you understand how stupid the fandom can be, and is exposing that side but its also trying to pursue drama. i mean common man narutoconfessions just got delete...unless ur that op?? ... tell me ur not or my likeness for this blog will drop x

How dare you lump us with that usuratonkachi!

Here's a Naruto Confession for you

I ship Sasusaku, but only because it goes hand in hand with Naruhina.

Cannon-wise, it seems impossible for Sakura and Sasuke to be romantically involved in any way without great tragedy. Never has Sasuke shown any signs of interest in any female whatsoever. The very fiber of his being has been nothing but revenge. At this point in the series, it seems the only way he could possibly be redeemed is if he sacrifices himself for the greater good. As such, the only way for Sakura to be with him would be to sacrifice herself as well, and be with him in whatever the ninjas have in the afterlife. But even then, I still don’t think Sasuke would ever like Sakura.

Come to think of it, Sasuke might actually be gay. Maybe Narusasu was right all along and all this revenge nonsense is all just an inner struggle with Sasuke’s feelings for Naruto. Of course, Naruto is and always has been straight because of his love for Sakura. It’s been a perpetual love triangle since Ep 1!

I really have no idea where the writers are going with this, but it Japanese so who the hell knows. What I do know is they have set up Hinata to be the romantic interest, so they will in all likelyhood become cannon.

I guess we’ll all just have to clench our Crunchyroll accounts and wait in seething anticipation.