naruto: shizune

Field Trip

“Alright, genin, today is the day of our field trip to the Hokage Tower! Before we go, who can tell us something about our current Hokage? Yes, Meiko-chan?”

“My aunt works in the tower, and she says he’s always complaining about how fat and out-of-shape he’s getting!”

“Er, I’m sure that Lord Sixth is still a very powerful ninja. How about you, Junyo-kun?”

“My dad says he’s so lazy he was three hours late to his own inauguration! Is that true, sensei?”

“Three hours? That must be an exaggeration… maybe? Well, I don’t remember how late he was exactly. Now, class, the Rokudaime works very hard, really, for the village, and…”

“My granny says it’s a shame how he reads porn in public all the time, even in front of little kids!“

"My brother says he must be a real pervert!”

“Well, will you look at the time! We’d best get going now, ha, haha!”

“And here behind this door is the Hokage’s office. I believe he’s in a meeting right now, but he said we could go ahead and go on in.”


"Seriously, you two! I don’t know how it is you splash poison or acid on my robes every time you make a report, but–!”

“Uh…. Hi there?”