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Did kishimoto-sensei really say that if Sakura ended up with Naruto she would have been a bad women ?

Not quite. What he said was that it would have made Sakura look like a terrible woman if she had moved on to Naruto. However, Kishi’s comment had much more to do with the circumstances of her moving on, rather than her moving on in general. That’s what people who claim he’s a sexist because of this don’t understand.

Kishi insinuated that Sakura switching to Naruto would have been a terrible thing, because at the time, both Sakura and Naruto were striving to save Sasuke from the darkness. If Sakura had just suddenly stopped loving Sasuke and moved on to Naruto, just when he had become the village hero and adored by many, it wouldn’t have looked good on her part at all, especially when Sasuke was still in desperate need of help; it would have made her look fickle and superficial. Sakura herself basically confirms this during her fake confession when she attempted to justify her change of heart by saying how apparently, “Women are as fickle as the Autumn weather”:

Sakura even explicitly states the aforementioned point as her reason for her apparent shift of feelings from Sasuke to Naruto; she states how it was because he was now the hero of the village who everyone loved, and she was simply joining in with their adulation of him:

But Naruto could see what a huge load of bullshit that was. He knew that when it came to Sasuke, Sakura was anything but fickle, and he had more than enough memories of Sakura explicitly demonstrating just how deep and enduring her feelings for Sasuke truly were:

Sakura’s feelings weren’t the same shallow infatuation that was based on how cool Sasuke was. Now, he was no longer deemed cool, he was an international criminal, he was loathed by his peers, but Sakura still loved him anyway, because she knew that Sasuke’s true self was still salvageable. Her affections were anything but shallow, and were depicted as everlasting. However, her moving on to Naruto in that context would have looked terrible. It’s one of the things that her fake confession was trying to connote.

Ino’s affections for Sasuke never went anywhere near as deep as Sakura’s, and their circumstances were completely different. And because of that, she was able to move on and Kishi didn’t deem her to be terrible - yet another fact that those who spout the “sexism” claims conveniently forget.

The signs as Naruto guys! (Personality based but researched!)

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Aries: Shikamaru Nara - Pioneering, confident, dynamic, and quick witted

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Taurus: Patient, reliable, placid, and security loving

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Gemini: Konohamaru Sarutobi - Communicative, witty, youthful, and lively

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Cancer: Hashirama Senju - Shrewd, cautious, protective, and sympathetic

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Leo: Madara Uchiha - Creative, enthusiastic, broad minded, and expansive

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Virgo: Obito Uchiha - Practical, diligent, intelligent, and analytical

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Libra: Neji Hyuga - Idealistic, diplomatic, urbane, and charming

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Scorpio: Sasuke Uchiha - Determined, forceful, intuitive, and exciting

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Sagittarius: Nagato Uzumaki - Freedom loving, intellectual, philosophical, and honest

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Capricorn: Itachi Uchiha - Practical, prudent, ambitious, and disciplined 

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Aquarius: Naruto Uzumaki - Original, honest, friendly, and loyal

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Pisces: Asuma Sarutobi - Selfless, kind, intuitive, and sympathetic