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Am I the only one that noticed that orochimaru works at Steam and Food Pills and also photobombed the latest episode of natruo and only one character noticed him. O.o

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I disagree with anon. There's hating a ship, then there's hating the character itself. Even without SS, Sakura was still largely hated across the fanbase for the most shallow of reasons. Some still blame her for Neji's death. I really doubt SS expected Sakura to get shafted to this point; from what I've seen, they are just as angry and sadden by this. At the same time, I'm aware that NH (not all shipper, if they are reading!) really only "supported" SS just to get Sakura out of the way. (1)

Honestly, I never meet Sakura hate so strong from that fandom. I remembered how the majority started acting all haughty with SS after The Last, then outright dropped SS when Gaiden came out. Some were even disappointed that Karin wasn’t outright confirmed the mother and called the manga a waste. For those NH who used to “support” SS, you would think they’ll have some sympathy for their “sister” shippers? (2)

The legit hate for Sakura is honestly so incredulous to me. The only fandom I’ve been in with character hate half as strong was Kingdom Hearts with Kairi. And even then the hate was half as strong, and only within fandom. The hate died down over the years. But Sakura? The fandom, SP, SJ, assistants, editors, hate her to this point? They are absolutely okay with erasing her importance within the manga? Okay with giving Hinata everything they hated in Sakura? The interview with Kishi (3)

comparing Sakura to a secondary character, overall downgrading her importance in the manga made me sad. But the reaction from NH succeed my disappointment in Kishi, and I only felt even more bitterness towards NH and Hinata. (4)

It’s why I can never like Hinata or NH, no matter how much they try and convince me. To be happy that they aren’t force to acknowledge Sakura as a heroine? Was NS that intimidating? Was Sakura that bad? I’m sorry that this small thing turned to a rant, but I felt if Sakura (and Team 7) was in a different fandom than this one. To have hate so strong that even her own creator hates her along with the franchise? To STILL blame her for Neji? I’m just so sad that this is what she is reduced to. (5)

I only wanted better for her, but with this fandom it’s like you have to go above and beyond for her just to get that fandom to like her even a little. On top of that, deal with a franchise that wants nothing to do with her either. Yet they will put Hinata on a pedestal and call her the heroine? The franchise legitimately putting her as a main cast, when she was barely a secondary in Part 2? How did she became relevant and shoved into our face as being better than Sakura? (End)


Granted, that was/is also a factor but it’s the SS that was the fuel to NH by some sort of sick alliance, and then trying to bury every shit Kishi threw at Sakura via Sasuke because of her proximity to Naruto and the possibility of her being with Naruto in the end. But these are old shannenigans.

Granted, Sakura was hated in the fandom because of the most stupid reasons, however when it came down to comparing her with Hinata, if it weren’t for a let’s say very ardent fan of Hinata’s everyone knew and acknowledged the fact that Sakura tops Hinata no matter what. It was basic knowledge 101.

But then Studio Pierrot came and started the stealing. Sakura is a medical ninja? Everyone is a medical ninja.

Sakura has a superior chakra control, even moreso than her powerhouses of teammates? Everyone gets it.

Sakura can tell via her medical ninjutsu where it hurts in the body or it’s a certain problem? Throw that away, make Hinata tell her via her Byakugan because lol Sakura surely must’ve forgotten to do that with only medical ninjutsu via water detection, in order to force down our throats a friendship that never really was there - at most, some respect showed by Sakura to Hinata, never the viceversa. 

Some still blame her for Neji’s death because things were written as such. That was the effect they wanted. While Sakura the medical ninja couldn’t be there when Naruto called for a medic-nin, have Hinata-hime-sama be there and offer him the emotional support he needed (although via Sakura was shown to us what he really needed, but anyway). Sakura was written off at that point to make place for Hinata, all while in the meantime Studio Pierrot via their shitty interventions was already stealing everything from Sakura and giving it to Hinata. SS-ers saw that, they were here with us as well. We were already screaming about the damage control Sakura was taking because of Hinata but most of them didn’t care, as long as it took NaruSaku out of the way…

And dear boy I know I screamed right and left about this because I saw the bullshit they’re trying to pull. I don’t know exactly for how long you’re around the fandom anon, but as I said before, I came from a NH and SS background that went along with NS given the development. And also besides that, what made me distance from NH mostly was their hate for Sakura. I was a NH shipper that happened to like Sakura very much. And so, being accustomed to how these pairings function, I saw the impending shit that was about to come, and screamed about it, but who was going to listen? I was a NaruSaku, to hell with me, despite me saying multiple times that before being a NaruSaku or any other type of shipper, I am a Sakura fan. 

So you see, here it’s a mix of many elements at the middle, and sadly they did have a major contribution to this, sorry to say it. Not all of them, ofc, but…

And it was never a sister ship with them… It was an alliance against NaruSaku. That was the immediate threat to them. Everyone knew that Kishi wouldn’t have the balls to end it with NaruSasu because of the controversy (despite drawing them in also), so the next best thing was NaruSaku - especially given the story’s construction mechanisms - everything was pointing at NaruSaku, no matter how much some still want to deny it. It’s basic storytelling 101 in a piece of literature (more or less).

Hell, they even changed the story triangle. There was one always inside team 7, and now in his newest interview Kishi mentions one that was nonexistent between Naruto, Sakura and Hinata. He literally took all the things that NH were fantasizing about and used them as “logical explanation” when his own story was contradicting him.

And yes, for some stupid reason people hated Sakura because Kishimoto pulled at the heart strings of people with poor orphan Naruto, but God forbid someone points Naruto’s horrible behavior, they must be linched - which Sakura does at the beginning of the story. Naruto was after all a pretty stupid kid that did stupid things. Yes, he had ulterior motives, but does that excuse his behavior? If we cannot excuse the behavior of one, why excuse his, know what I mean? 

And also people aren’t used to look at the broader picture because somehow … reasons. Yes, Sakura told him all those things, but at the same time supported him and his stupid dream with her love for Sasuke and her “horrible” behavior still did much more than Hinata with her love for Naruto.  But then people come with the excuse that she was shy. So we can excuse Hinata of her shyness for NOT helping Naruto when he most needed it, but we cannot excuse Sakura for expressing her pissed self at Naruto whenever he did something stupid DESPITE ACTIVELY doing stuff for him? Hmm, I smell double standards.

And yes, it’s funny how when they take stuff from Sakura and add them to Hinata everyone is okay, because it’s Hinata. This only once more shows the double standards and hipocrisy that lies deep within the collective counsciousness of this very fandom.

And, after all, it’s not the fandom’s fault as much as it is Kishi’s and how he never put his finger on something for certain, out of God knows what reasons… I can only speculate, but some are for certain - he doesn’t have a backbone.

From defending fiercely your heroine to actively replacing her… pfft. Laughable.

If he would’ve had a backbone he would’ve finished the story properly. You know how they say “Stand for what you believe in, even if you stand alone”.

Something he tried pushing with Naruto, too bad he failed miserably.

I wanted better for her too, and actually trusted Kishi he will do better. I created theories about where he’d be going with her, things that eventually come to fruition (her seal, chakra nature and some others), but the thing that disgusted me the most about this was seeing some things that were clearly going to go to Sakura, being used for Hinata, dare I say some ideas I layed down in my theories, being used now, via other means.

At first I thought it’s me being crazy, they couldn’t possibly use that… and then the latest chapter of Boruto comes and they use for him what the NS fandom creates for Shinachiku. 

To answer your question - yes, NaruSaku was that intimidating. That intimidating that they cannot erase 15 years of development, that they now try to steal ideas from the NS fans to burrow us as deep as possible because otherwise we won’t shut up, that bad of an intimidation, that they make it so defiant to NaruSaku fans, so that we’ll eventually shut up and stop being the thorns in their back.

Well, too bad. We’re here and we’re staying. They can steal how much they want. The records showing that we were there with ideas and whatnot long before them it’s here.

For someone who writes about Gods and whatnot, Kishi and his editors should know about the Akashic records. They’re imprinted in the human collective counsciousness, and no matter how much they want to silence and erase Sakura and NaruSaku, they can’t.

And this only pushed me to continue my initial analysis on Sakura’s character. Ohoo, it’s going to be so much fun to demask all the bullshit mechanism behind their actions. SO MUCH FUN!

Anyway, I turned this into a rant and went into deeper stuff myself, I should probably end it here. But yeah, this thing is a mess. A salad, to be more exact. ;)


This was well done. :’)

alternate 700 ending where:
  • where the endgame ships were narusasu and sakuhina
  • plus the other ships but continuing on
  • when sns got married and wanted kids, hinata was their surrogate mother and alas that is how boruto uzumaki was born
  • more surrogate stuff later, sarada and himawari haruno are sakuhina’s best girls
  • neji lived and he became a huge hitter in hyuga clan politics and got the cursed seal on the branch members revoked
  • naruto is stil busy being hokage, but he is actually able to balance his work with raising his child and will have his shadows clans do work for him rather than miss his own kid’s birthday
  • naruto also doesn’t tell boruto to just call him “seventh hokage” when in public because that would be hypocrtical considering the fact he called tsunade and the third “grandma” and “grandpa” respectively
  • sasuke’s soul searching redemption travels ended a long time ago and he is a permanent resident here in konoha
  • after hinata got her haircut, she and her lovely wife, sakura, took a selfie with the caption ‘wives with matching hair’
  • sakura runs her hospital like the bamf she is
  • sasuke is the protective dad. fight me on this. date nights when boruto was a baby was always cut short because he worried too much about boruto soooo date night became watching elmo on late night tv on the couch with their son
  • inojin and boruto fight over who is auntie sakura’s fav nephew. sakura tries the ‘you’re both my favourite’ thing, it doesn’t work
  • shikadai had a crush on his auntie hinata and it was fucking cringe for boruto, sarada, himawari, and inojin
  • kiba is apparently the fav uncle, but it’s a fight between him and rock lee on who is the ultimate fav
  • sasuke is a part time teacher at the ninja academy. nothing too permanent. he’s the annual sex ed teacher. his version of sex ed is basically:
  • tbh no one knows how sasuke is still teaching sex ed but at least his methods get the job done
  • hinata and ino are shopping buddies
  • when hinata goes on missions she makes her girls promise to not trash the house while she is away
  • temari, ino, and sakura have their multiple meet ups all the time
  • the sasuke retrieval squad, lee, and sasuke all meet up from time to time and drink sake and laugh and talk about the sound ninja 4/5 and the hell they went through trying to get sasuke’s ass back in the village
  • between the next gen, it is all mutually agreed that narusasu’s house is the best house to play games because it is a large house but sakuhina’s house is the best to go to for great snacks because hinata makes these large and tasty cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate
  • naruto and hinata are gardening buddies
  • team 7 meet up every two weeks to eat at ichiraku ramen together. yamato and kakashi talk about how much trouble these youngsters put them through as kids. sai makes light jabs at sakura, naruto, and sasuke but all in good fun
  • narusasu family pictures
  • sakuhina family pictures
  • naruto and sasuke had a small and private wedding with their close friends. sakura got drunk and emotional
  • sakura and hinata’s wedding was larger because it wasn’t just friends and family but the entire hyuga clan. naruto gave the drunk best man speech and sasuke was sighing and shaking his head at his husband’s antics but he loves this dork so much
  • sasuke and sakura are good friends. sakura pwns him in arm wrestling matches tho and sasuke is lowkey a huge bag of salt because “you’re cheating” “sasuke, you can’t cheat in arm wrestling. pay up” “i hate you” “get rekt”
  • ino brags all the time about how she helped get sakura and hinata together and that she should be the godmother of the kids. naruto takes offense to that. sakura and hinata have yet to choose godparents for sarada and himawari
  • chouchou and sarada are still bffs, divas in training
  • tsunade thinks naruto and sakura have chosen the perfect spouses
  • a part of sasuke died when boruto told him that he had a crush on shikadai (after shikadai’s weird crush on boruto’s auntie hinata subsided) his son doesn’t need a crush. “boys are awful, insensitive creatures!!” “…. dad, we’re boys” “did i ask for your witty response?”
  • chouchou was the most popular girl in the academy and got a bunch of love letters all the time
  • someone reblog and add onto this because this is good shit

The Uchiha Couple:

“After finishing her spar with Sakura, Sarada not only got stronger, but felt the bonds between her mother and father, which made her smile ear to ear”.


“La Pareja Uchiha:

Después de terminar su pelea con Sakura, Sarada no sólo se volvió más fuerte, sino que sintió los lazos entre su madre y su padre, lo cual le hizo sonreír de oreja a oreja”.

FUENTE: Naruto Ninja Storm 4.

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Kakasaku pls :)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler:  Kakashi teasing sakura to give him more hugs and kisses is a thing

who makes the bed: ehm kakashi ehm

who wakes up first:  sakura to train

who has the weird taste in music: both have normal tastes

who is more protective:  Kakashi cuz poor baby he has lost almost everyone dear to him , poor baby

who sings in the shower: sakura bae

who cries during movies:  sakura while kakashi teases her for doing so

who spends the most while out shopping:  No one of them actually

who kisses more roughly: kakashi ofc

who is more dominate : Sakura because of her character

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I know this is kinda irrelevant, but it always bugged me about how Kishimoto designed some of the characters. Like in part one, during the forest of death, he showed us how Sakura’s long hair was such a problem, because the enemy was able to capture her with it. However, come part two and girls like Ino, Karin, and Hinata all have crazy long hair which imo is stupid for any ninja to have, including some of the men like Hashirama, Jiraiya, and Madara.( not to mention like the enemy ninja, Kin, said when she mocked Sakura, it takes a long time to clean and manage long hair.) Even if they put their hair in pony tails, it would just make it that much easier for an enemy to grab them. If he wanted the girls to have long hair, he should have done what he did with Tenten and had them keep their hair way up and tied in a way that it wouldn’t just come undone. They could have let their hair down during their free time, instead of while out on a mission. This pet peeve may not seem like much, but looking back at this series, other than the weapons, they didn’t really feel, or look, like actual ninjas.

Sarada as the last Uchiha?

Will Sarada be the last one to be officially called Uchiha?

If she marries, her husband’s clan name will have to be way below her clan in order to keep it going like what Sai and Ino did ( since he was never given a last name he took on Ino’s.)

This will unlikely happen though, because borusara looks possible canon and she will be highly likely to adopt his last name.

And it does not look like sakura and sasuke are having any more children…

Will there be no more uchiha to continue sasuke’s dream of restoring the clan?!?

What the fuck happen?!

Kishimoto’s assistant drawing did cut sakura off on Sasuke on roof manga??? Wtf?

Wow I can’t believe… I feeling bad for sasusaku is very angry and upset for kishimoto’s assistant did that.

Why Boruto’s hand seal look like sakura’s forehead seal???? Fuck you! So dumb! Wooow… bruhhh..

I hate boruto favorite pink they steal sakura’s color. They think narusaku’s own child is boruto.. I’m was like huhhhhh????? I wish boruto would be light purple more than pink..

Sarada’s new outfit is so ugly and look like hoe just younger Karin’s almost outfit too.. I wish Sarada not wearing glasses no more.. and want longer hair and back to normal old outfit

I don’t want see boruto manga anymore sorry just sorry! Naruto shippuden better than shit boruto manga and anime. Nahhh I don’t want watching boruto anime on April. Nope nope nope nope byeeeee!!!!