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I'm narusaku fan, I want to ask something bothering me all this time.. why you guys regard sakura as a great girl when it's clearly she is stupid for rejecting a nice guy and choose a bad boy who ever tried to kill her..?? that's why she get so much hate! I guess you like sakura because she loves your fav character.. do you know Naruto's fanboys is always mocking her, they are comparing sakura to hinata all the time, why she is bad comparing to hinata who so called always by his side .. more l

This is such a tired point.

You must also think Naruto is clearly a stupid guy too because he continued to chase after a “bad boy” and call him his best friend despite Sasuke trying to kill him multiple times right? Right???

She tried to do what all of you wanted her to do; she tried to just suddenly switch to the “nice guy” that was there for her:

But it was the nice guy himself who who got mad at her and told her to stop lying to herself. Because if she were to just suddenly abandon her feelings for their dear friend who was in desperate need of help, to just choose the nice guy who was the village hero, she would have looked superficial, and that wasn’t what this plot was about. Neither of them were fickle with their affections towards Sasuke.

Both Naruto and Sakura held on to the nature of their feelings for Sasuke despite his mistreatment of them. Naruto continued to love him as his best friend, and Sakura continued to love him in all aspects of the word. Why? Because she knew that the person she loved was still in there somewhere, and that’s who she was trying to salvage. She didn’t choose “the bad boy who even tried to kill her” - that’s not who she loved, that’s not who she’s currently with. Sakura chose the broken boy who she wanted to secure a better future for - the boy who acknowledged her efforts and sincerely thanked her before he left, because he thought it was too late for him:

That’s why she couldn’t bring herself to kill him, that’s why they both held on to their feelings for him. Because despite how far Sasuke had succumb to the Curse of Hatred, they knew that it wasn’t too late for him, they knew that they could still secure a future where all of them were laughing together again.

Hence, when given the opportunity, Sakura just couldn’t bring herself to end his life, because she hadn’t given up on him:

But no, it’s only Sakura who’s stupid right? Despite the fact that it was Naruto who chased after Sasuke a lot harder, and was treated much worse by him overall. Honestly, it’s such a double standard. Sakura isn’t stupid for retaining her feelings for someone who she knew could be saved from a dark place. Sasuke’s not a “bad boy”, and to emphasise this, Sakura was right, Sasuke was saved, and he went on to start a family with her and become a hero.

I am so sick and tired of Sakura being bashed because she “didn’t choose the nice guy”

I mentioned this in another post of mine, but I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to it because I just keep seeing these ignorant statements everywhere about how Sakura is somehow a loser or slut because she didn’t “choose the nice guy” aka Naruto. SERIOUSLY?  S E R I O U S L Y ?

Before I start, I’ll say that this isn’t addressed at all NaruSaku fans, so please don’t get angry. I am not aiming this at the NaruSaku fandom as a whole at all. I’m writing this because of the extremist antis who say things like “Sakura is a total idiot because she should have picked the good guy but she went for the asshole like girls always do!! WAAAAH!”

First off, let me state that this “nice guy” bullshit needs to stop.

A girl does not owe a guy a damn thing because he thinks he is a or is perceived as a “nice guy”. How about being genuinely nice because you care about that person, rather than doing it expecting something more in return? Ya know, LIKE HOW NARUTO ACTUALLY DOES.

Love is not a forced thing. You do not choose to love, you JUST LOVE. I stated this in my post “(Polite) Naruto Shipping Rant”. Sakura tried to force herself to romantically love Naruto (thanks Sai) but COULD NOT DO IT. It just was not in her heart. He’s like a brother to her, and she couldn’t change that, no matter how hard she tried. And she definitely tried. And Naruto knew this too.

Naruto is a genuinely nice guy (and I mean the actual definition of nice guy). It’s why most of us love him. But dude, even Naruto knew Sakura didn’t love him romantically, and HE WAS OKAY WITH THAT. Because he cared about her without expecting anything in return. He is actual definition of a nice guy, not the “nice guy” stereotype that people go on and on about that. Naruto wanted what was best for Sakura and her heart, he didn’t just think about what he wanted. That’s what actual love and friendship is all about. (It’s also a reason why I love Naruto!)

“But Sasuke is an asshole, and shallow bitches always go for the assholes!”

I see stuff like this a lot too. COME ON. Yeah, Sasuke was a pretty big dick for the majority of the manga. But he realized that, and worked on changing himself and atoning for his sins. There was even a freaking novel about it!!

“But Sakura loved Sasuke before his redemption journey, when he was still a huge asshole!!” 

So? She actually fell in love with him before he went all mega-crazy-jerk on everyone, and when he did reach that stage, she could see that it wasn’t the real him, and that the darkness was eating away at his heart. As Kakashi said, she loved him so much it hurt her, and all she wanted was to save him, WITH NOTHING (a relationship or love) EXPECTED IN RETURN.

“But he was an asshole for years after he abandoned the village, and Naruto was there for Sakura!! She should have began a relationship with him because of that!”

AGAIN, it doesn’t work that way. If people expected love and a relationship out of being kind to someone else, then everyone would have multiple girlfriends and boyfriends, and nothing would even make sense or have meaning.

“You just don’t get it, because you’ve never been the guy in that situation!”

Yeah, but I’ve been the supportive female friend before who got no love in return. And I moved the fuck on because, in the end, if he didn’t have feelings for me, there was nothing I could do to change that, and it was more important to me that he was happy. I’ve also been the girl with the supportive guy friend before too, and THAT SUCKS AS WELL. So so so much. It isn’t easy or wonderful being in that situation, ya know.

Oh, speaking of that, imagine being the other person in that situation. Imagine being the girl who thinks she has this amazing supportive friend who genuinely cares for her, and then finding out he was only partially in it for the possibility of a romantic relationship or sex. Oh, that’s right, her feelings don’t matter because he was a “nice” guy…

And this isn’t trying to bash men at all. This is meant to make people who think “girls are bitches for picking a guy who I think isn’t as nice as me” realize Sakura is not a piece of trash for not being able to magically change her feelings, even though she even tried doing that and wasn’t able to.

And again, not all NaruSaku fans think like this. I am not trying to bash an entire ship fandom here. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading my thoughts! I just saw too many “Sakura is dumb” posts around lately and felt the need to defend her a little :)

Have a wonderful day!