pretty sure 10 year old me did not expect me grow up to be a person that cries over anime.


yeah  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“After watching this movie, the luckiest/happiest thing to me is the increase of everyone’s interaction with their children or the most important people to them, I used this kind of thinking to create this movie. 

Not how-I-want-everyone -discussing-Boruto’s-story, but it’s how everyone is with their children/loved ones, being able to have the chance to have the each other’s attention… to me there is nothing happier than this!”

Pro-family movie intensifies.

There’s nothing more important for Kishimoto and the producers in charge of Boruto than family values so prepare yourselves to vomit rainbows witht his one.


- NaruHina family eating cake final scene.

- Sasuke touching foreheads.

- TenTen wearing the green jumpsuit to train with her husband and Metal Lee.

- Sai finally approving his son’s concept of art.

- Akimichi clan fast-food restaurant scene.

- More ShikaTema, because there is never enough.

- Tamaki being pregnant… give me an Inuzuka baby already!

- Karin adopting one of the Uchiha clones with Suigetsu in the credits XD

- Shino getting married… because why not?

I haven’t made any Naruto Sprites in a couple years now but after reading Gaiden I’m getting that Naruto itch again… (and looking at my old art is making me cringe lol)

For those of you who have kept up with Naruto and have read Naruto Gaiden, Kishimoto pulled some pretty shady moves. I fell for some of his tropes at first but after a while I realized he was just being a troll and with that last chapter it was confirmed. This piece is to say “sorry, you were right” to my friend Cristine who stood by this pairing to the end.