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Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”


I actually draw all this back then when you sent me the prompt @jashinist-feminist but I wasn’t sure if I liked it and never posted it hahaha

BUT since you are lovely and Konan is lovely too and today is Woman Crush Wednesday and you mentioned this crack….. here you have the whole story of the “get along braid”!!!! 

Mind blowing facts:

The reason Patrick is dumb is because he lives under a rock.

All odd numbers have the letter “e” in them.

Goku’s name refers to the amount of rice needed to feed someone for a year.

Naruto Uzumaki is not only Boruto’s Dad, he’s also Kurama’s House.

Playing the objective is how you win the fucking game you dumbass

Pompeii 26


Sakura stared at the near catatonic man on her couch. Since showing her his tongue, as if that explained everything, he’d remained silent, gazing off into the distance with unfocused, glassy eyes. She’d left him there, giving him space, but the hour was drawing to a close and Sakura was starting to feel concerned.

“Sai,” she said, trying to bring him out of his daze.

He didn’t even blink.

“Sai!” she said a bit more forcefully.

He shivered, distant but miserable in the cold.

That was what decided it for Sakura as she gently took his hands in her own. He didn’t respond and Sakura could almost feel the ice running in his veins. She’d no idea how long he was outside, but it had been far too long.

“Sai,” she said in a firm tone. It was the voice she used to control unruly patients or speak with those who looked down upon her. It wasn’t exactly a kind tone, but it was effective. “Sai, stand up.”

Sai stood as she pulled him, following her lead of gentle touches and strong voice. She pressed him into the bathroom, turning on the shower. Sakura tested the water, waiting until it was lukewarm before turning and assessing Sai’s state.

He was still completely unresponsive and she worried to leave him alone.

Sakura chewed at her lip, weighing her options.

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WIP Wednesday: Hadopelagia, chapter 7

Positively beaming, Naruto sits up—kneeing Iruka in the gut again—and surveys his conquest. “It’s so weird to see you in handcuffs like this, like you’re a bad guy.” Suspicion sparks on his face and burns his smile to ash. “Iruka-sensei, he hasn’t done, y'know, anything weird to you, has he?”

Iruka blinks. “Who?”

Leaning down, Naruto reminds them that he failed every stealth assessment that Iruka ever gave him by scream-whispering, “Everyone knows that Kakashi-sensei’s a total perv, and you can’t escape. You’re sure he’s been on the up-and-up?”

“Hey,” Kakashi says flatly.

“Naruto, that’s just plain insulting. If Kakashi-sensei tosses your ass out the window, I’m not gonna stop him.”

The threat of bodily harm means nothing to someone like Naruto, who rolls his eyes. “You’re cuffed to the bed, you’re not gonna do diddly squat.”

“If we’re done casting aspersions on my character,” Kakashi begins slowly.

Naruto puffs up. “Never!”

Pompeii Chapter 6

Sakura bit her lip, reviewing her grocery list once more. Most were the basic items: milk, eggs, bread, and such. She also wanted a roast to cook for dinner. She hadn’t had the chance to cook since the move and she missed it.

Sakura crossed the road, looking up at the local grocery.

It was a rather small building made of fading pink brick with ivy curling up the sides. There was a square concrete parking lot but very few cars were present. The neon yellow sign flickered with the name Kit’s.

Sakura hummed mindlessly to herself, taking a rickety cart and heading into the building.

She was immediately greeted by the sight of flowers. Here were all types of flowers, some she recognized and others she did not.

These were the ones she approached, examining them with a critical gaze. Her undergraduate research was on the use of plants in modern medicine. She’d never seen anything like these flowers.

“May I help you?” a voice inquired.

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Bus Seat Buddies

AN: my token to the universe for all the sin I’ve written this week! Platonic SH here we go!



Ino was sick at home.

Naruto…well, was in detention.

They were both being incredibly selfish! They filled the awkward space that was Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata. The two flowed with the traffic of other students to the bus ramp. There was a set schedule and leave it to The Blondes to throw that completely out the window.

On Monday and Wednesday Naruto sat with Sasuke and Ino sat with Hinata. They switched vice versa on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday everyone walked to Ino’s house for snacks and weekend plans.

It didn’t take long to realize without The Blondes they had nothing to talk about — more importantly…they had no one to sit with.

Together? That’s absurd.

Hinata boarded the bus first. She sat in her usual Number 8 seat. Sasuke seemed perplexed, baffled…befuddled. If he sat in Number 7 someone random would sit next to him. If he sat with Hinata…that would ruin the entire foundation that they were so accustomed to. Ino should’ve brought her sick ass to school, to Hell with the Flu. They only need one Blonde. They had back up plans if one was missing. They had to! Naruto was always in detention.

But two? Blasphemy!

The students shouted for him to move. The stars felt like they fell out of orbit and were on their way down to kill them all when he sat down next to Hinata. Her eyes widened. What?

They sat in silence until the bus filled. Two random underclassmen sat in Sasuke’s usual seat. He took to loathing quietly. Hinata clutched her backpack in her lap before she remembered she had a book to read to pass the time!

She pulled it out and cracked it open. Oddly enough, Rock Lee gave it to her. No words were spoken. He just grinned wildly and handed it off.

There was no summary or anything. It just began in first person.

“I was dying — but it was between my life and the lives of the entire universe. Not city. Not country. Not even planet. My death would save the entire universe.”

She looked up as the bus came to its first stop. Opal eyes watched three brothers run off. The first time Sasuke bumped her she dismissed it and even three times in a row, she assumed it was because of the roads. He cleared his throat.

She looked over at him. He was eyeing the book. She sheepishly flipped the page and he craned his head to read it with her. They did this for the bus ride and when Hinata’s stop arrived, he turned to her.

“Don’t read it without me,” He said.

“Sasuke,” said Hinata. “It’s — really good though.”

“Hyuuga,” He said. He wasn’t one for begging but…damn.

They had a staring contest until the bus screeched. He stood to let her out. Hinata placed a bookmark there and headed off the bus.

Everyday, even after The Blondes returned, they sat together reading the book. Naruto and Ino peeped over the seat at them. They were so submerged in it, it seemed like the pages were flying.

“I can’t wait for them to be done with that stupid book,” said Ino.

When they did finish, they continued sitting together. Discussing…or rather arguing about the characters in the next book Rock Lee randomly gave her. It was odd but it worked.

They were actually…friends now.

What we want: Ch: 10

Hello everybody. Sorry this chapter is a little later than all the other ones, but I’ve had some stuff happen recently and had to put updating on hold for a minute. I also got a really bad stomach flu (that I still have) and I currently feel like absolute hell.

I hope you enjoy. :)

“I hate him.” Bolt mumbled, ripping up grass that caught between his fingers, blue eyes narrowed ahead of him.

Sarada sighed, looking up at the sky, glancing at Bolt through her peripherals.

“It’s not entirely his fault, you know? Your parents weren’t happy, Bolt. Unhappiness is never anything you want to live with. Your mom seems happy, right?” She questioned him tentatively, noticing the rough way he was ripping out the earth faster and faster.

“I guess.” He replied, eyes still glaring into the distance.

“W-Well, that’s something, right?” Sarada said, rubbing the back of her head, smiling uneasily.


“I still hate him. He’s such a jerk! He’s never there for us, I think this is an excuse for him to stop trying. This way he can disappear for good and be done with his children.”

Sarada closed her eyes, tucking her chin onto the tops of her knees.

“Listen, Bolt. You should talk to him about this. Face to face. It might help you feel a little better.” She murmured, not looking over at him, but feeling his hackles rise at what she said.

“Really? Man, why didn’t I think of that?” He exclaimed, angrily, sarcastically.

Sarada did lift her head then, raising a twitching eyebrow at him.

“Hey. I’m just trying to help. Nothing will ever get accomplished because you never confront him. Stop being a coward and just do it!” She yelled, raising a fist, making him squirm, lowering himself away from the black smoke that was starting to rise out of her sharingan activated glare.

“O-Okay.” He stuttered, putting his hands up in defeat.

“Kind of a nice place for a Wednesday Naruto, what gives?” The Nara head asked, crossing his arms across his chest, sitting back.

The blonde smirked, taking a sip of his hot tea.

“I didn’t think it wise to discuss what we were talking about the other day in my office. Do you?”

Shikamaru sighed, his shoulders sagging.

“Leave it to you to remember that little bit of the conversation.” He muttered, looking around the empty restaurant wearily.

“I forget nothing. You know that, Shikamaru.” Naruto said, grinning.

“I’m happy with Temari. I haven’t done anything with Ino. Nothing has happened, and nothing will. But..”

Naruto listened.

“But. I remember what my feelings were for Ino all those years before, and sometimes…I think about what it would be like to have her beside me.”


“When we were teammates, we argued constantly, always butting heads, snarky remarks, and…I feel like I’m doing something wrong every single time I think about them.” He muttered, drawing his cup of hot sake towards him, taking a sip.

Naruto crossed his arms as well, tilting his head back, memories rushing through his own mind.


“Did you love her, Shikamaru?” He asked, without looking back at the ebony eyed male.



Ah. There it was.

Clenching his fists, Naruto sighed, understanding exactly where the other man was coming from.

“But, I love Temari. She’s shockingly just like Ino. Just…rougher around the edges, where Ino was soft, and comforting when she wanted to be. Like…when Asuma-Sensei died, she would sit beside me, saying nothing, just…running her finger over the top of my hand. It wasn’t much, but…it spoke volumes that she knew what kind of comfort that I needed, without me having to say anything at all.”

Yeah. Naruto understood that too.


Blue eyes watched the man across the way, noticing the uncomfortable edge he was starting to acquire, so he changed the topic.

“Sakura is pregnant.” He blurted, cursing himself.

Shikamaru nodded, sighing.

“Yeah, I know. I witnessed her get horrifically sick in her office the other morning. She told me she had eaten something bad.”

Naruto rubbed his temples, downing the rest of his hot tea, wishing he had gotten something stronger.


“We’ve got to keep it under wraps for a little while, it’ll look bad for Sakura, and her trial. Not to mention my status as the Hokage, but, that isn’t the most important thing to me at the moment.”

Shikamaru was a little shocked at that statement.

“Don’t care about your job?” The Nara male inquired.

“Of course I care about my job. It’s what I’ve wanted for years…but, it’s driven a huge wedge between me and the children I have now. And I need to fix that. I can’t keep putting my job in front of my family.”

Shikamaru smiled, nodding his head, agreeing fully.

Naruto smiled back, but feeling a wave of uncertainty and underlining guilt fall over him again.

“So, his surgery is scheduled for next week?” Ino asked her pink-haired friend.

Sakura nodded, spooning some miso soup, blowing on the heat.

“Are you excited?” Ino asked, smiling lightly.

She was, honestly. However, she had so many other things on her mind, such as concerns, and what ifs.

What if the child died?

What if the bone graft wasn’t good enough?

What if this test run was proved futile and the body rejected the graft?

What if she botched the surgery?

“Sakura. Calm down. I can see all those gears turning, stop psyching yourself out.”


“Ino. I need to tell you something.” Sakura murmured, looking around, guilty expression on her features.

The blonde woman arched an eyebrow, her eyebrows furrowing in concern.

“What’s going on? Has something happened?” Ino questioned.

Sakura fiddled with the hem of her dress, swallowing back a thick lump of nerves that worked its way up her throat.

“I-I..” She began, taking a breath to steady her voice.

Ino tapped her fingers on the table.

“Come on billboard, you can do it. It can’t be that terrible.”


“I-I’m…pregnant.” Sakura whispered hoarsely.

The blonde woman’s jaw dropped, her chopsticks clattering to the table.

“What?” She asked, a little too loudly.

Sakura bit her lip, grabbing her glass of water, chugging half of it down.

“But-how-why-w-who-WHEN?” Ino asked, nearing hysteria.

“Please. Calm down, Ino. You’re starting to make a scene. I never should have told you about it.” Sakura scolded her, annoyed now.

“Okay..okay. Sorry. You just…completely caught me off guard. I’m so confused.”

Sakura only sighed in response, eyes never leaving the table, a little too ashamed to look up at the other Kuniochi.

“It’s not Sasuke’s? There’s no way it could be his.” Ino whispered.

Sakura shook her head slowly.

“Oh man. Sakura, whose is it?” Ino questioned, voice low.


Sakura slowly rose her eyes to meet Ino’s and bit her lip, blushing profusely.

“Oh shit.”

Sakura felt tears fill her eyes, feeling utterly ashamed.

“S-Sakura. You’re going to have Kakashi-Sensei’s baby?” Ino hissed, blue eyes wide, brows pinched together.

The pink-haired Kuniochi gave her a deadpan expression, not knowing whether to be offended or humored at her statement.

“Ino. It’s not his baby. What in the world is that? He was my teacher!” She hissed right back at her oblivious friend.

Shuddering, Ino ran her hand through her ponytail.

“It’s Naruto’s.” Sakura said, voice shaking slightly, afraid of what her friend would say.


“Oh wow.”


“Uh…when did this happen?” Ino asked her, voice low.

Sakura wrung her hands together, bile rising in her throat, knowing she would have to tell Ino about the affair.

“U-Uh, it started more than a month ago. Remember that night at the bar?”

Ino nodded her head slowly, a hint of disbelief laid in her eyes.

“Oh damn. How many times since then?” Ino asked.

Sakura rolled her eyes, fingering her water glass again.

“Does that really matter? The point is that it happened.”

Ino sighed, sitting fully against the back of her chair, rubbing her temples slightly, still confused, and fully concerned towards her friend.


“I don’t know what to do.” Sakura mumbled, feeling tears overlap, a sob curled deep in her chest.

“Hey. It’ll be okay, Sakura.” Ino said, not entirely confident in that statement, but knowing the pinkette needed to hear something positive.

“How?” Sakura asked, feeling dread clutch her chest, making her sobs come out harder and harder.

Ino reached across the way and grabbed her friends hand, stroking the top of her fingers.


Calming down a little bit, Sakura looked up at the blonde, noticing a question etched on her features.

“What do you want to ask, Ino?” She said, sniffling.


“I’m not sure if I should ask it at this moment.” Ino responded.

Sakura shook her head, dabbing at her eyes with a napkin.

“Just ask me. I don’t deserve tact at this point.” She murmured, feeling her eyes start to burn with more tears.

Ino just glared a little bit, completely disagreeing with that statement.

“Why Naruto?” The blonde Kuniochi asked, keeping her voice as low as she could.

Sakura blanched at the name but took a deep breathe, closing her eyes, seeing the blonde mans face in her minds eye.

“I…I love him.”

Ino was stunned for a second, but refrained from saying anything, not trusting herself to respond until she recycled the words once or twice over in her mind.

Honestly though, this revelation wasn’t that farfetched, Ino had a feeling that Sakura always cared about Naruto more than she let on. Why she never acted on her feelings, Ino never knew and never brought it up.

“Do you still love Sasuke?” She asked before thinking, closing her eyes, hoping she didn’t offend her already distraught friend.

Sakura blanched even more at that question, but turned the answer round and round in her mouth, hoping she didn’t sound too much like a homewrecker.


Ino looked Sakura over sadly, understanding why her friend didn’t have feelings for her husband anymore.

He was never here. Even when he could be.

“Well. What are you going to do now?” Ino asked, treading lightly still.

Sakura took another sip of water, finding her calm.

“I filed for divorce and plan on confronting him the next time he’s here. I’ve talked to Sarada about it. I know this is the right thing to do.”

Ino nodded, agreeing with her.

“It’s not that, truly.” Sakura started, sniffling again, “I know what my marriage is, and with the sense I know he has, Sasuke does to.”

“What is it?” Ino said.

“It’s what I did to Hinata and Naruto.” Sakura murmured, feeling more tears trek down her cheeks.

Ino looked her over, digesting her words.

“Sakura. Hinata wasn’t happy with Naruto. I can tell you that much. I talked to her on several occasions and…she wasn’t happy. And it wasn’t because of Naruto. I don’t think she ever wanted to be a stay at home mom, and she was too afraid to disappoint her father. The only thing Hinata has ever wanted, is to do the name Hyuuga justice.”


“Their marriage was already falling apart. No offense to Hinata, but Naruto needs someone to ground him, to tamper down his sometimes immature attitude, and reckless behavior.”

Sakura could agree with that, but decided to not say anything.


“Well. What’s done is done. The only thing you can do now, is move forward. And you know I’ll be there for you every step of the way.” Ino said to the other Kuniochi, grabbing her fingers again, throwing a wide smile, squeezing her hand gently.

Naruto was stamping papers, when he heard the door to his office open that night.

“Shikamaru. I told you to go home. It’s past ten o'clock, you know how pissed Temari gets when you’re late.”


Rubbing his temples, blue eyes drew up and clashed with black onyx’s…

That did not belong to Shikamaru Nara.


“Dobe.” He levelled, a wave of anger taking over his features.


“I think we have a few things to talk about.” The darker haired man murmured, strolling across the room, taking a seat across the way from the blonde Hokage.

Levelled glares hit the other, and the room fell into immeasurable silence.

i keep seeing edits of sasuke and sakura’s respective forehead pokes and they’re all “what a romantic gesture”

first of all: fucking no it’s a gesture of love but platonic love only

second of all: rest in fuckin’ pieces itachi

and lastly: i literally want to vomit bc they think this is cute. they think it’s adorable that sakura and sarada were left by them fucking selves for 12 years. it’s cute that sasuke abandoned them for another woman. isn’t it just fuckin’ peachy how abusive sasuke was towards sakura and now she’s raising his child and still allows herself to be belittled by him? it’s fucking cute that he’s so, i dunno, sexist? and blatantly so?

and i thought about what sakura must’ve meant by “i was thinking of something else.”

naruto’s forehead compliment.

i’m going to throw myself off a goddamn cliff.

Pompeii 16

Sakura awoke to the sound of shattering glass.

She bounded out of bed, messy haired and bleary eyed. She had no idea where the sound had come from. She could, however, hear the faint sounds of voices. With trepidation, Sakura pushed open her bedroom door.

Sakura was greeted with the unmuffled sound of an argument. She followed the noise, scowling as she caught sight of her sliding glass door. It was completely shattered, glass littering the floor.

She slipped into a pair of sneakers, doing her best to tiptoe around the debris as she made her way to the balcony.

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An opinion about “The Last Naruto movie” from a non Naruto/NH fan

Last Wednesday, I watched the movie with my best friend/co-writer/fake boyfriend. Actually, I just forced him to come along with me. He’s not an anime/manga fan (but he has some knowledge about Naruto) He’s also not into romance/shoujo or any type of cheesy movie. 

But In the end, I convinced him to watch (because I paid for his ticket haha):

So after watching the movie, I asked him some questions regarding the movie. I just want to know his perspective as a non-Naruto fan/neutral guy. So here is our conversation (Yes, I remember it very well)

Me: Do you like the movie?

Friend: To be honest, I did not expect it to be good. But based on what I have seen in the film, I would definitely recommend others to watch it

Me: Do you think NH relationship is forced? You know, some antis believe that it is the biggest asspull in anime history.

Friend: No, not at all. All the clues were there. The film is actually consistent with the anime. Also, Naruto and Sakura’s conversation explains everything about “crush” on her. For the record, I’m not a Naruto fan. But you don’t have to be a fan to realize that it’s going to be Naruto and Hinata in the end. 

Me: What’s your favorite moment in the movie?

Friend: Definitely, when Naruto asked Hinata to wrap her arms around him and ask to not let go. Who would not love that scene? It made me kilig (translation: heart goes doki doki)

Me: Are you bothered by the pacing of the movie?

Friend: I don’t have any problems with the use of flashbacks/pacing. They were effective actually because they successfully portray the feelings or mindset of each character.

Me: Do you think Naruto loves Hinata even before?

Friend: Yes, because the clues were there. Naruhina has this certain kind of connection. Naruto was just confused about the idea of love. However, it was shown in some flashbacks that Hinata actually matters to Naruto even before their adulthood.

Me: What did you feel after watching the film?

Friend: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it reminds me of the feeling of falling in love. It would have been a better Valentine ’s Day film.

So, yes… I’ m happy that my friend like the film.

Pompeii chapter 8


Sakura blinked awake in the scant, grey hours before dawn. She frowned, shaking her head as she tried to remember her dream. Something about whispering…

She sighed, knowing already that she wouldn’t be getting back to sleep today, even though her bed was extremely comfortable.

Tripping over herself, Sakura rose to her feet and started her day. She stuck bobby pins into her short hair haphazardly, pulling it back from her sleepy features.

She moved through the motions, brushing her teeth as she looked at the dim, grey sky outside. She opened the balcony door, allowing the bracing cold to awaken her.

“Right,” she said, spitting into the sink. She smacked her face, grabbed a roll, and pulled on her climbing boots.

It was time to explore the wilderness.

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