It appears that I have a thing for what I refer to as the “Naruto & Sauske dynamic”. Traits include:

•Friendship/rivalry that lasts for years and often starts in childhood

•Character A is often cheery, optimistic, and considered to be kind of a loser, while Character B is a smug overachiever

•Tragic Pasts™

•Half their dialogue consists of them just saying each other’s names over and over

•Tend to fight each other just as often as their actual enemies

•Everyone else around them is consistently dragged into their relationship drama

•They often have to save each other’s asses and/or go to great and downright stupid lengths to see or save each other

•Like, 2/3 of whatever story they are in is about their relationship (whether it be the overarching plot or otherwise)

•May or may not have kissed in canon for whatever reason

Naruto will start crying at any given moment from happiness.

The first week he lived with Hinata, whenever he was welcomed home by her? He cried.

When dinner was ready when he got home? He cried.

The first time they were sitting down together doing nothing? He wasn’t alone? He was with someone who loved him? He cried.

When out of nowhere, she touched his hand and said she loved him? Cried.

Even the first time they had disagreed on something and came to a compromise? Even though it wasn’t a fight, when she smiled at him? When she stayed even though he thought she would leave because of his own insecurities? They held eachother forever, crying together.

If someone remember, but in the very first episodes of Naruto was a the the same boy like Kouta (his name Inari) and he also lost their parents and didn’t believed in heroes, but Naruto save him. Like Izuku save Kouta.
When I read manga in the first time it reminds me of Naruto and Inari. And it makes me sad a lot, because Naruto ended :’)