Double date.
  • Sakura:Hey Hinata,it's Naruto!Go and ask him for date!!
  • Hinata:I..I can't..
  • Sakura:Oh c'moon!Look there is Sasuke too!I will ask them for double date ok?
  • Hinata:..ok
  • *in ichiraku ramen*
  • Sakura:Hey Sasuke!Naruto..
  • Naruto:OOhh Sakura-chan,what's up?!
  • Sasuke:...
  • Naruto:Sasuke!Say hello or something!
  • Sasuke:..hi
  • Naruto:Omg,never mind,what do you need?
  • Sakura:Well,I was wondering,would you and Sasuke go on double date with me and Hinata?
  • Naruto:*confused*...Aaaahh of course!
  • Sakura:Ok,I'm looking forward!Bye boys!
  • Naruto:Bye!..hmm Sasuke?
  • Sasuke:Yes?
  • Naruto:Since when Sakura and Hinata dating?!
  • Sasuke:*kiss Naruto*Hn,dobe..
  • Naruto:HEY!Didn't I say no kissing in public!Control yourself!

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Hello! I love your blog so much! I make sure to check a couple of times a day and adore rereading headcanons past! Your Narutoones are the best! So, who in Naruto would absolutely love an S/O with glasses?

  • Naruto, Kiba, and even Ino think they’re cute, but 99% of the time they are stealing them from you and saying “wow! you really are blind!” like thanks babe, i knew that already 
  • you and Shino can share a cleansing cloth
  • Chojuro is just glad he’s not the only one, he needs someone to understand his struggle. 
  • Iruka always makes sure you put your glasses in a case, you aren’t allowed to set them around all willy nilly. when you’re in the shower he’ll sneak in and clean them for you
  • Kotetsu thinks you look like a sexy librarian, and then broke them on accident
  • Neji has great vision insurance and he always buys you designer frames
  • Kankuro has you in his phone as “four eyes”
  • Gai force feeds you carrots
Naruto 481 Sasuke-Sakura

… know last week’s ep didnt have a big NaruHina moment but for this episode. given the fucking title of it. 

What the fuck, SP? 

Itachi and Sasuke spending time together:

Sakura’s ‘Home’ 

Sakura and Ino  rehashing of their short lived friendship/Rivialry.

SasuSaku:…..I cant even call that a fucking scene. it was a one line of dialouge each and not even a conversation. FU SP FU,

I wasn’t expect much but I also wasn’t expecting lesser then what we thought we were getting. 



“Why would you go so far for me?” -Sasuke Uchiha

“Because to me, this is one of the first bonds I ever had” - Naruto Uzumaki 

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