naruto the last movie

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, the REAL winner of the Naruto ship wars, thereby demonstrating that Shounen Jump, Studio Pierrot and Kishimoto know where their real market lies after all.

Kakashi and Iruka standing where Naruto’s parents should be? Smooth, Kishimoto, real smooth.


Naruto ‘‘the last’’ girls x3

I love drawing sketches c:

who is ur fave? :D

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Junko Takeuchi is the person who has earned my respect, honestly, she is one of the people I admire and respect the most right now.
She has respect for herself , the old Naruto and the real storyline and I admire her a lot.
She doesn’t care about money and she won’t be Boruto’s VA just because she respects herself.
She is dissatisfied with Naruto ending and apparently doesn’t want to be a part of Kishimoto’s and SP’s masterplan in the future because she is able to see how badly Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke have been treated by them.
She saw what they did to Naruto and his personality and it is not surprising she doesn’t want to be a part of this sick plan because it hurts her, Naruto was a big part of her life though. *plus she was a NS fan*
I have no respect for Kishimoto, no respect for Studio Pierrot but I truly respect JUNKO TAKEUCHI, YOU EARNED THAT AND I TRULY ADMIRE YOU AS A PERSON.
SHE is just like our old Naruto - she hates people who lie and don’t respect themselves.