naruto the jinchuuriki

Uzumaki Kurama from “Reverse by Blackkatmagic” @blackkatmagic , please enjoy. Also I’m sorry for the quality of the picture, this is the second attempt and it’s still blurry. Thank you for writing “Reverse”, it’s lovely and filled with just the right amount of bittersweet romance. I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent reading it, so thank you.

Fun fact: One of the pronunciations of the kanji for ‘heaven’ in Japanese is ame:

English: Heaven

Kanji:  天

Hirigana:  てん (ten),  あま (ama),  あめ (ame)

(Although the last two are more archaic.)

Guess which other Japanese word has the romanji ame?



As in, Amegakure, the Village Hidden in the Rain.

As in the village where Pein and Konan reside? You know, the people who called themselves ‘God’ and ‘the Angel of God’?

So ‘God’ and ‘the Angel of God’ live in Ame aka ‘heaven’.