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Naruto Spoof F-Bomb Montage (episodes 1-6 + movie) by

I kinda want to write a murder mystery featuring a bunch of abridged series characters from different shows and have Monokuma conduct the proceedings.

Like somebody kills the Rower and Spoof Naruto swears revenge, whilst Vegeta shows absolutely no interest in any of it and Lelouch accuses everybody, including the furniture. Meanwhile, Marik protests that somebody who looks as gorgeous in a cutoff shirt like him could never have murdered that “rowing jerk who was totally asking for it”.

…It will basically be the worst fanfiction ever.

anonymous asked:

I don't care about LK's waste of time spoof series. What going on with that deleted scene we were promised? Sorry for doing this here. I don't have a twitter and have little interest in getting one.

First off: I absolutely love his Naruto Spoof series, Mr. Rudepants, so careful with the attitude.

Second: It’ll be up this weekend, ya fool.