naruto shipppuuden

For real, y'all.

WHY haven’t they come out with a Naruto RPG game yet? Ya know, where you train in the academy and go on missions to earn money and raise your stats and train special skills and pick what you look like and what clan you’re from and what chakra type you are and have custom weapons and pick what village you’re from? WOULDN’T THAT BE AMAZING?! And you can play in online mode and go on missions with people or stay offline and get assigned a super cool sensei and annoying but awesome team mates. Or maybe it would be like the sims and or Fire Emblem and you get to be in control of/maintain your whole team. And you get to meet the real characters and build relationships with people in the village and help fight in the war at all the big battles AND WHY DOESN’T THIS EXIST YET?!

okay, useless chapter is useless.

most of it was flashbacks, and we didn’t get to hear any further information from obito because stupid naruto decided to interfere ..

i wanted to hear how rin died
i mean…there has to be something more than him just blaming kakashi for her death right?
cause that reason is pretty retarded if you ask me.

ALSO, the last panel was BADASS.
madara teaming up with obito HELL YEAH!!!