naruto outfit

“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 


why not both?

~send me a character + a color palette!~


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 500

Gaaras Face in the Last Screencap is amazing, I can´t get enough ♥This Scene was so funny, I laughed a lot and can´t stop Smiling.

And his Outfit, Kyaaaah ~
So pure! He is so adorable ♥


To the people saying that Sarada’s outfit is okay and that is not a problem bc we saw her outfit 10 chapters ago,Im gonna tell you what’s the deal

Her skirt is getting shorter and shorter every chapter, not only that but her heels are bigger. Honestly I didn’t mind when they were this big

because other kunoichis wear it like that including her mother but this is too much having a 11/12 year old wear this is…

Oh and dont come saying that her skirt is not wrong because other anime and manga have them even shorter than that, if that’s the case then you don’t know Naruto at all, I loved that manga because it avoided at 100% fanservice. Besides her outfit for a NINJA just looks uncomfortable and inappropriate.

As if it wasn’t enough but her mannerism and behavior in the manga is slowly changing

When in heavens have you ever hear her mother acting like that when she was a kid? Sarada was soo different back in Gaiden and the movie, she acted reserved and with more composure like her father because she is an Uchiha.

I saw that panel and I was like nop that’s it I’m not reading this anymore and to be honest I don’t think that Kishimoto is doing a revision over this to see what is good or not, he only said that just so people can read this manga, he even said that he trusts Ikemoto too much, but that is just my opinion.

Anyways Im not reading this anymore, that is not the Sarada that I kew and that wants to be Hokage.