naruto obito

I’m really dying to write another Tobidei/Obidei fic but I’m short on some ideas.

1. Obito introducing his fiancé to his friends (to which they have no idea that its Deidara)

2. Deidara confessing his love to Obito and Obito brushing him off like nothing telling him he doesn’t know what love is and that this was a mistake.

Those are two that I have in mind at the moment. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them.

best naruto quotes

-why would a adult go full force on a mere child- madara to the 5 kage

-am i sweating? no just rain these fools could never make me sweat- obito

-eat a dick kakazu- hidan

-huh? you fat fuck- hidan 

-you think some gay little crows can stop us?- hidan again

-yo aloe vera where the fuck is sasuke- naruto talking to white zetsu

-each jutsu has its weakness and this jutsus weakness is my existence- itachi to kabuto 

-your dick isnt special- sai to naruto

-i am your god now (my personal favorite) - shikamaru 

-you have friends?!- gaaras dad to gaara