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Analysis on Boruto chapter 32

So this was a really good chapter, we saw a lot of fight between Naruto and Delta, but the most important thing was Kawaki’s amazing character development, Boruto was pretty interesting too.

So, as Kawaki explained, Delta’s got this awesome attack where if you get hit, your body can’t regenerate, not even with Naruto’s powers nor Kawaki ‘tool’ body. Keep in mind that Kawaki was the one that said this and is most aware of the risk. Also the whole time Kawaki had complete confidence in Naruto and kept saying that he’ll win. Also he called him ‘Hokage’ a lot during the first part of the chapter, I believe it is because, in the last chapter Naruto was all fatherly over him and saying he’ll kill Delta if she even touches him, and Kawaki doesn’t understand that kind of relationship so he tried to surpass it, though he definitely failed at that by the end of this chapter. 

Naruto managed to avoid Delta’s attack and the fight continued, and at one point Boruto activated his Karma from a desire to protect his dad.

Delta then decided to attack Hima, she threw her in the air and prepared to attack and Naruto immediately jumped ready to lose a body part, or even die, for his daughter.

Just when I was about to cry, Kawaki swapped in and saved both of them, using the powers he said to make him a monster and that he hates. And he lost half of his arm in the process, about the same as Sasuke. A very important detail is that he KNEW and DIDN’T CARE that he will lose it, because Naruto and Himawari are more important than himself, it’s important to mention though that he has a huge amount of self-loathing.

All Naruto, Boruto, and Himawari were extremely worried about him and then he looked up at Hima and said: “About the flower vase… this makes as even”

Also, Boruto apologized to him saying it’s his fault, and Kawaki, instead of throwing in a sassy comment, said it doesn’t matter because it would happen anyway.