naruto next generation

  • SasuSara in one frame *whale noises*
  • Boruto Episode 95 Spoilers
  • My man doesn’t need Tsunade’s jutsu to stay being a heartthrob
  • I love Sasuke but sometimes he need to calm down, I’m already dying here 😍

cr:twitter user (I’m sorry i didn’t catch the name cause i was excitedly saving and scrolling for more of these)


Can we just talk about how:

1)Chocho has the ability to call out everybodies bullshit without even looking up from her nails.

2)Sarada is quite literally genin Sasuke in girl form complete with denial and please don’t club me with that idiot brat dialogue.

3) Inojin’s sass level is through the roof.

4) the purple haired girl whose name I’ve forgotten is like Hinata 2.0 but with more dialogue. If she beats Sarada in the boobs department when they grow up we know who Boruto will end up with.

5)Shikadai’s taller than the rest and has a legit excuse for being tired all the time because of his Boruto baby sitting duties. Poor dude does not get paid enough.

6)Boruto is so shit scared of his mom, the gentle smiling Hinata that it never fails to crack me up.