naruto manga 639

Also, can I say that with every downward twist Sasuke makes in these latest chapters, it feels as though it negates all the strides and character advancement he had with Itachi where Itachi told him that he loved him. 

Though one might argue that old Itachi would say that making the hard decisions for the greater good/ends justifies the means (if we’re talking about Sasuke’s master plan being to kill all the bijuus to “fix” the system, thus meaning he would kill Naruto, too [“*I* will delete the *past*”]), but the Itachi he met the last time, the Itachi that came to know Naruto, I don’t think would find this path to be to his liking.

Unless there’s the idea that a potential Naruto sacrifice would be what could wake Sasuke up, but even that seems convoluted, a stretch for Itachi.

That chapter with Sasuke and his brother was my favorite and (to me) the most moving in the series; I hate to think that in the end it didn’t really matter.

It breaks my heart.