Naruto Gaiden Parody. Don’t kill me, please. I had to do! Laugh with me c: I made it just for fun n.n


One of the most I have to say, entertaining characters in the series reading the manga was Deidara. Not matter what he did what. He did it with his own style of doing things- Making everything big and explosive.

The first thing that really catches my eye with Deidara is his abilities. He can form special art enfused with chakra to attack. Being of the village of the Hidden Rock, it is kinda of like, excuse my science, like nature makes rocks the way they are through erosion, compression, and other means. Deidara makes his art by taking it into his palms that have mouths to form what he wants which unlike other arts forms such as Sai. Breaking off that note, he was taught by Onoki who later became the Sandaime Tsuchikage and his powers for him into the Explosion corps, where he was praised for his talents even taking one of the village’s ninjustu to have chakra infused into his chakra. Even after, he used his services to assist other villages as a missing-nin before the Akatsuki recruited him not by consent no by force which proved that he was needed because people as the caliber of the Akatsuki do not take slack job, run of the mill ninjas. He even trained his eye to be immune to Genjutsu to have more of a upper hand in the Sharingan as well as having a long distance scope over his right eye to increase the range he could see to before ultilize his skills of long distance combat and compensate for his lacking at hand to hand combat. Back to my point before, it has more of an impact fighting such as his fight with Gaara, he was able to still capture him even after losing an arm. He kept the creations in his hand to penetrate the sand walls in order to get to Gaara and literally cause an implosion. I mean for someone who has a defense like Gaara’s, that takes a lot of resourceful thinking and skill. Also the fact he can use his passion as something to ensure winning and utimately survival against strong shinobi like Gaara or maybe even the Sharingan whom he did envy in the fact that it looked down at his art, it makes him a pretty significant resource. Not only using his creations for fighting but for transportation as well as seen when he uses his massive owl to carry Gaara all the way back to the Akatsuki where they ultimately extracted Shukaku, the ichibi to continue their plans of reviving the Edo Tensei and the jyuubi. Even when he had passed, Pein had comment how much of a detriment that was to the Akatsuki as a whole and allows people to mourn quietly. That shows at least some if not a good amount of worth Deidara had in the organization he was originally forced into. Even Kurotsuchi using the honorific nii, still think of him as an older brother and the fact of the Tsuchikage bothered that his prized pupil was defeated by Sasuke showed how powerful Deidara was and how he was respect even as a traitor to his village technically.

Another interesting thing about Deidara is his personality, always seeming defiant and fiery. He had the drive to get what he wanted done or to prove his point. And he did do what he had to. For example, when he first met the Akatsuki, he had accepted the challenge of facing Itachi. And even a bit before that, he was fending them off and it seemed he put up a decent fight against them before he lost to Itachi because of his Uchiha blood and the Sharingan. Because of that, he did join the Akatsuki but he was determined to out do the Sharingan, not prove with the Uchiha having such special blood they basically wouldn’t be anything. Which is not completely true but someone who is willing to go against the Uchiha’s as much as the name has power. As foolish as that could seem, that is some strong determination. Even when facing Sasuke before Itachi’s death, he did not run away like a coward or hide like some would do. And no offense, he did put up a bit fight than Tobi did. He stood his ground and if Sasuke did not defeat him in wit, he could have easily died. Had it not been for him summoning Manda, using him as his defense against the C0 that Deidara used to blow himself up which leads to another good point. He was willing to die to win. It is not always the greatest principals to live by but it reminds me of the saying “ If you want success as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful”. And seeing how bad Sasuke was injured after that fight, he was lucky that he did not end up with worse injuries that could have really hindered his goal at the time of facing Itachi like losing limbs or worse his life. Even after death and being revived, he did have the same fire to fight as seen fighting with Sasori before they got capture and even going against the Sandaime Tsuchikage, his previous teacher when he was still a part of the Iwagakure. And he had a lot of power, even afterwards the threat was lessen but he did not really accept defeat nor did  he get closure as Sasori seems to (That moment between Sasori and Kankuro one of my favorite because of the surprising change in Sasori but that is for another time). He threathened to explode though Kankuro saw through that charade telling him there is no way that is happening. You got to give it to Deidara. Even when he is down and out, his fire does not go out. Almost like even though he was deemed a villain, he had his own will of fire to do what he did.

That and my last point is his humor and simply of his entertaining remarks is what got me or his antics in general. After getting his arms blown off, he does not tolerate Tobi’s jokes. He literally let’s him run his mouth before he gets all peeved to the point where is willing to choke him with his legs. I thought of it as entertaining to know even when armless, you could have a chance of dying of suffocation. The little fact of him having a smirk on his face no matter what kind of situation shows he never took the worse of the situation and the fact he always seemed to be scheming to out do whatever challenge ahead of him. That and the fact that nothing could stop Deidara from saying what he wanted from talking down to Sasuke about how his eyes made him sick and he wanted him dead. Or talking to his teacher in such a rude way. Deidara is certainly a one of a kind character for me.

Thank you for entertaining my character dissection of Deidara. I do hope you enjoyed. Please add your opinions and debate and challenge me. There is so much more I felt I could have added but these are some that really stood out.

Until next time, Manga Critic Ali out~

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NARUTO 72巻 - ナルト完結記念応援イラスト

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