naruto lovers

Thank you for Everything….Naruto

Finally done with this drawing…ugh I feel like tearing up again…I can’t believe Naruto ended! 🌷💕 Do not REPOST EDIT or USE in any way.

Mystical Hinata

Honestly had no idea what to call this piece of fan art but decided to just give it a very cliche touch. I also tried a more semi-realistic look for our sweet cinnamon roll but I’m not sure if I should continue this for future drawings…


Hinata The Last (Work in Progress)

Eh I know I haven’t been posting much lately but life gets in the way you know… .-. 🙄 Anyways….wanted to let you know that I’m working on a Hinata picture again and I have to admit, drawing her is so much fun. 🌸
She is legit hair goals man 😂

okay not related to anything in particular, but just as general knowledge, every time I see or hear someone calling Izuocha boring it only makes me ship it harder.

Well I’m sorry if you find loving romantic relationships based on healthy and mutual friendship boring buddy, but I actually like romance where both parties actually enjoy each other’s company and don’t want to murder each other half the time. 

…have I mentioned I’m just a bit petty?