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I don’t how long ago you posted that buuuuuuuut thoughts on Kakashi?

Love that guy.

I remember when I first watched the show wayyyy back when I was a tween/teen (??), and how goddamn Cool he was, because he was the first character with a real air of danger about him. you got the understanding that he could fucking waste any of the kids on his squad and he scared the crap out of them at first with the bell training. And the reveal of the sharingan!!! Holy shit him lifting up his forehead protector to reveal That? and how he wasted zabuza with it??? That was such a Moment

Kakshi was so Cool, and not only that, he was kind, and that was what made me love him so much. That moment when they’re first facing zabuza and he takes that second to assure his kids that he’s going to protect them, and his actual concern when he got trapped in the water prison and basically begged them to run away because he didn’t want them to die.

I may not be remembering that scene 100% correctly because it’s been a long time. But damn he was cool and he was this amazing combination of someone Truly Scary that you could also trust, and you got the impression that he loved his kids even tho they were little shits and that he would die to protect them EVEN THO he basically got saddled with them and he seemed completely apathetic about it at the beginning and holy the fuck were they obnoxious.

I feel like that’s what’s so great about his character. It’s his apparent apathy in contrast with his actions. he’s so resolute he is to protect his comrades, and I think he really drilled it into his kids and helped lay the groundwork for the eventual plot which is naruto relentlessly pursuing his comrade.

And you also get the air that he isn’t perfect and that he wished he had done better by his squad, and while he doesn’t let it get him down, you feel that weight. But he soldiers on. I haven’t even gotten to his Backstory TM yet but I feel like the weight of it is there, the fact that he lost the people precious to him, but he soldiers on. And he doesn’t let it make him weak or afraid of loving or caring about the people around him.

And again

he was the first character I saw like that, not just on the show but in any anime, really, that was my first one :’) so yeah I love Kakashi

I’m doing team 7 hogwarts sorting since in my head it’s 2005

Naruto: obviously the most gryffindor person to ever gryffindor. Brash, impulsive, heroic, honor over reason, loves attention, dramatic flair, natural leader, etc etc he would be a gryffindor secondary too. Just all gryffindor no questions. I can see hufflepuff to an extent because he does value hard work and community, but “just”…i think naruto is a good person fundamentally but his judgement is incredibly shaky (obito is the coolest guy!). He doesnt even apply his principles evenly. see: cheering on hinata and lee to take on their much stronger opponents despite it nearly getting them killed because of his faith in “perserverance” as a concept, but being unable to stomach the possibility of sasuke getting his ass kicked by gaara. Like he’s basically selective over who he can tolerate seeing hurt to prove a point, it’s not an unshakeable principle.

Sakura: gryffindor primary ravenclaw secondary. She’s basically hermione, she loves learning and acquiring knowledge but the way she goes about it is very gryffindor, even as a kid she loved to show off her knowledge, point out that she was “the best”, was legitimately offended when her skills were compared to someone she thought of as inferior (like naruto), and always wanted in on the action. She’s always been very bold and hotheaded, though it’s tempered with an intellectual drive that isn’t really present for naruto, who has to be locked in a room before he can read a book.

Sasuke: slytherin primary gryffindor secondary. This is definitely the controversial one, ive seen people say he’s hufflepuff but come on guys, he doesnt value loyalty on principle, he double crossed every single person he ever worked with including people he legitimately cared about. He is defined primarily by his ambition, and the lengths he will go to achieve it. He loves naruto, sincerely considers killing him for the mangekyou (he was out of his mind + under curse seal influence, but still). He betrays Orochimaru, which is totally justified, but obviously required active plotting through the years. In fact, he even mentions he has been thinking it over since he first joined him. He stabs karin to get to Danzou, which definitely was a split second decision, but conveys ambitious ruthlessness (he decided Danzou was too big a target to let go, and karin is someone who “slows him down” despite him caring enough to activate amaterasu for her previously). He admits to using the Akatsuki and clearly fought alongside team 7 in the end while building on his own private agenda. His fighting style is also very thorough and calculated, as has been noted since the first arc.

I actually think he would have ended up a lot more gryffindor-ish if he had stuck with team 7, naruto and sakura were already rubbing off on him - he decided to fight Orochimaru instead of sticking to his original plan of trading in the scroll for their lives, aka his natural instinct was prioritizing self preservation over brash heroics, but he put that aside as a result of their gryffindor influence. But he *is* capable of being heroic and caring for the world, in fact his entire hokage plan centers around him believing his method can prevent all future bloodshed. He also has the same dramatic flair naruto does, which is a gryffindor thing. If sasuke had stayed in an environment where it was possible for him to trust the people around him, he probably would be significantly less slytherin than he ended up being.

Kakashi: idk what’s the dumb bitch house, i might actually go with hufflepuff because of his “those who abandon friends are worse than scum” thing, but then i also remembered he’s lazy as shit. He’s not particularly chivalrous or ambitious. Honestly he might just be a ravenclaw by default, with a gryffindor secondary.