naruto is so so so kind and ugh

everyone is so excited about the reunion chapter being animated and im just sitting here like “and this is why i hate the anime for naruto”

they fucking ruined the actual way Sasuke looked at her when they met up again ok? he looks fine and normal in the anime but in the fucking manga ITS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT HE LOOKS WEARY AND HESITANT AND KIND OF TENDER AND UGH HOW CAN YOU GUYS BE HAPPY THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT

fucking anime team i swear


*EXCITED SCREAMING* OH MY GODDDDDD–!!!!!!! To be honest I think anyone could have made these cute fanfiction children, but I’m just SO excited because now they’re fucking real and I love them so much. And I also totally knew that Himawari would be that type of character–! (ALSO–! ALSO!! LOOK HOW FUCKING RESPONSIBLE NARUTO WAS BY JUMPING IN THE LINE OF FIRE TO PROTECT HIS SON–! //he’d totally make Kushina and Minato proud~~ ) I just think it’s so cute, because I just love how well they all mix, they’re really just like a family–! I think that Himawari is like a daddies girl and she loves her daddy but also likes her mommy Hinata but I think she’s the opposite of Hinata in the way of “You fuck with me, and I’ll REK YOUR SHIT!!!!” (Similar to Kushina/ And Boruto is similar to Minato with how responsible he is) but she’s also probably not much of the tsundere stereotype, which I’m really happy about, because a lot of the girls in the last gen were kind of always thinking about their crushes (Sakura, Ino and Hinata too) and so I’m happy that a good portion of the new gen girls aren’t just like intoxicated by the thought of some cool dude (except for ChouChou, she probably is gonna be all over that shit) but it’s just super cute–!!! I really like Boruto’s character though, even though most of the new gen kids are either the polar opposite of who they look like (like Boruto and Himawari) or a perfect combination of all the good qualities of their parents (like Sarada) I still like Boruto a lot. He seems to be kind of a mommas boy, with probably some secret love for his dad that he’s too prideful to admit, he seems to care for his lil sister Himawari (clearly because he probably carries that doll around for her all the time) and he seems to probably really find Sarada admirable (by how he looked at her when she asked if she could deliver the lunch Hinata made for Naruto) and he’s probably going to like how strong she is but he’s probably going to acknowledge that she’s still a girl and they really do mix well as teammates because if they fought, it’d probably be over a disagreement on how Sarada really respects Naruto and the system of Hokage and Boruto doesn’t like it at all. I’m pretty sure that Mitsuki might play the role of something along the personality of Sai (in how he’s probably not going to involve himself in things that he doesn’t feel is his business). He’ll probably be easy going and and joke a lot, and for all we know Kishimoto might keep going with the whole ~everyone on the main teams needs to have a love triangle~ and if that happens and history repeats itself, it might be that Boruto would like Sarada and Sarada would like Mitsuki. But if that happens….I dunno….SHAME ON YOU, STAHP IT KISHIMOTO, PLZ. But to be honest I think if Kishimoto wanted, he could swing Mitsuki in the gay direction SO easily. Mitsuki kind of gives me that Kaworu Nagisa (from Evangelion) vibe. I’d like to see some diversity in Naruto, but Kishimoto has a hard enough time writing romantic scenes for straight couples (i think he even said so himself) so I don’t care thaat much (imagine this tho, Boruto might like Sarada, Sarada might like Mitsuki, Mitsuki might like Boruto, I think that’d be really cute,…////i’m not all about the Yaoi ships like some Naruto fans that are so blind hardcore Yaoi shippers…BUT.IT.WOULD. BRING. A.NEW. DYNAMIC. AND. ITS.CUTE. OKAY!?/////) But–UGH, I’m really sad that I’ve been given such a fucking cool, badass new generation to look at but he’s going to be done with Naruto now!!!!! *grumbles* everything is just so nostalgic and all ~d'aww~ now–! It’s so lovely~ (I always thought that I was indifferent to fan service or hated it when it was blatant, but I guess I’m just a hoe if it’s canon Naruto fan service.) ///(Also, I don’t think that I mentioned it, but the pages in the photoset are from - Boruto: Road to “B” //whatever that means.)