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It's a hard question and I can't even decide myself right now but do you have actually have a fav naruto character? Like, just one? I dont😂 First I go to kakashi and then to gai and then lee and then I remember that gaara exists and the Neji and then jiraya and itachi and naruto and Obito tenten and kankuro and oh god I'm about to count everyone. But well, from all these, and many others.., I draw kakashi and gai the most..😂


There is literally no competition. I named my first cat after him for crying out loud.

Naruto the orange one and Obito the black one

When I was about 11, I got into Naruto when it first aired. I fell in love with Naruto immediately. He was that protagonist that I absolutely adored and fell head over heels for. But because the english dub was still far behind I started getting into the sub, and they were already in shippuden by this point. And then. Obito was introduced.

Imagine, a table full of little figures of every likable character in the series, and me just running up and shoving everything off with my arms and body and crawling onto the table to slap a figure of Obito on the table. that’s how it felt.

In that moment of Kakashi’s Gaiden, Obito stole every ounce of my heart and forever held it. 11 years later here I am. Still so deeply in love with this piece of shit.

AS PROOF, here are just a handful of my drawings back in 2006/2007

I’ve always shipped KKOB, they will and forever be my first ship ❤

  • Sarada: Mummy, when did you fall in love with Dad?
  • Sakura: mummy fell in love with daddy at a young age.
  • Sarada: was he your first kiss?
  • Sakura: no, Naruto was.
  • Sarada:
  • Sarada: wHAT
  • Sasuke: also Naruto

If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it!

The Hero of Jiraiya’s Novel, Naruto 


Sasuke: What are you doing, Menma?

Menma: *looks away* ….Eh… Nothing….

Sasuke: Don’t disturb your Papa and I when we are sleeping. 

Menma: Heh heh… sorry. ♥

Merry Christmas from the SNS family! 2016