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Art raffle: Thank you for the 500 followers!

[ I know the example I used in the first drawing isn’t a full body but it was the only decent drawing I find in the computer so… ¿? ] 

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I’ll draw

  • Any character from Hamilton (obvs).
  • Any ship from Hamilton (hetero and homo).
  • Your OC’s.
  • I could also draw from other musicals: TGC, Hadestown, BMC, Heathers, DEH, Les Mis, In the Heights, 21 Chump Street, etc.
  • I’m also part of this fandoms: Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Gravity Falls, Naruto. So I can draw anything from them.
  • I can draw NSFW, I will not draw hardcore stuff like gore and so. You can ask me.

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The art raffle will run until November 25th! On month from now.


I love this so much because Sasuke was like “nooo, i am darkness, i don’t want to listen to reason, everyone stfu, revenge revenge murder murder…” and then Naruto reaches him trough all of that darkness and he knows that the blonde idiot is gonna say something that will give him feels, but he can’t help himself, damn it, he wants to hear it.

tweetyta-blog  asked:

Ummmmm can you do a sasunaru but with sasuke having that deep affection for naruto, like naruto has for sasuke in canon. So like a role reversal? I'd really love it if you could do something like this but if you don't want to or don't feel like it then it's your choice obviously but I would love you forever if you would

I hope this is what you were looking for! I did my best, I promise!


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               “Traitor Uchiha!”

               Sasuke ignored the woman who snarled his name at him like it was a curse word as he passed her on the street. He was used to it, which Naruto would be sympathetic about and Sakura would be angry. Not that he told either of them what he put up with when he was just going to the market to buy some groceries. He was sure they still knew though somehow. People weren’t exactly subtle.

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So it’s celebration time!!

Admin Lexx and I have decided to do a bit of a give away,  for scenarios and headcanons. 

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(sorry for my poor photoshop skills)

Ok so in a few days I’m moving house, and I can’t bring some of my things with me, so saving the best of my anime days I thought maybe someone else might want them!!

The items are:

  • Death Note Light Plushie (Still with the label!!!)
  • Naruto Shippuden: Bonds on BluRay
  • PitaTen 2&3
  • Maximum Ride Graphic Novels 1&2
  • Kieli 1

If this HAUL isnt enough, i’ll also throw in for you, some stickers, sweets and stuff from London China Town (If your shipping laws allow!!!) and a crudely drawn anime character of your choice!!!!!

AND IF THIS STILL ISN’T ENOUGH, two other lucky people will also win some ORIENTAL CANDY FROM MY LOCAL ORIENTAL STORE!!! and a crudely drawn anime character of your CHOICE!!!!!!!!

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from the latest sasusaku 2ch thread, poster saying that they copied it from the naruhina 2ch thread:

scene opens with hinata at the tailor’s shop buying supplies to knit naruto’s muffler with. then she sees sakura. they go for tea together, and sakura says she’s rooting for hinata. hinata asks why sakura’s rooting for her. says it’s because (hinata’s feelings towards naruto) reminds her of (how she feels about) sasuke, that feeling of ‘i want our feelings to be mutual!’. sakura talks about when naruto eats ramen, she’s been beside him but now she’s handing over (the responsibility) to hinata. says she wants to watch hinata give the muffler to naruto without running away. give it to him (for his sake; she says あげなさい which has that meaning). EDIT: then asks why naruto is so slow/stupid then asks why naruto? he’s slow/stupid while hinata’s so strong and cool/calm (this translation probably fits better yeah my bad)

(still talking about sakura at this point) at the end she looks for the broken pieces of the tattered muffler and gives them to hinata. then OP says sakura is an angel (for doing so) lol. says there wasn’t any sasusaku, but they really wish for sakura’s happinesss!


So I decided, what the hell, might as well do a give away.


4 shonen jump magazines.

Sakura Taisen volume 1.

The Mark and The Gathering books.

Long sleeve crop neck sweater.

Angel wing necklace and pink stone ring.

Twentyone black, vanilla sugar and Tease perfume/ body spray.

Teal watch.

Betsey Johnson make up bag.

4 bracelets.

A mini panda pillow pet.


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       You know what I love about Naruto Uzumaki? Aside from his stunning blue eyes, his million dollar smile, his love for ramen, and his kind heart? I admire his ability to keep moving forward no matter what life threw at him. Naruto has this special strength in him (which Sasuke was first to notice) that draws people in. He’s suffered through so much pain, and yet, he beats depression to the ground with his own bare fists. He understands the hell that is loneliness, he understands the pain and how hard it can be to live with pain. Naruto has always been a beacon of light to those who have been beaten down by life. He has saved so many people from going down the wrong path..especially Sasuke which was his greatest challenge. I think that’s why people gravitate towards him. I strongly believe that Naruto is capable of accomplishing anything, and seeing him like that makes me feel like maybe I can do great things too. His warmth radiating and reminding me to never stop smiling. That is the effect that Naruto has on me. It’s very rare for a character to make me feel like that, but he managed it! So thank you so much for existing, you little Usuratonkachi! I wish you all the happiness in the world. We are so proud of your strength. So here’s to you, Naruto! Happy, happy birthday~!

Pairing War Five Stages of Grief

so, I made this for a page I admin on facebook, and I decided to share it here. A lot of people are telling shippers to “Get Over It” and to just accept what has happened, and I’m here to tell you that this is all a process.

A lot of us went through this, the “maybe the spoilers aren’t real”, “maybe the chapter wasn’t real”, “maybe the countdown will reveal the true ending”. This is normal, and these thoughts are normal. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you’re crazy, because you’re not. If the tables had been turned, they would be doing the same thing.

I’ve seen people vow never to read Naruto again and to not support anything Kishimoto does. I’ve seen people burn their Naruto merchandise or give away all of their manga. This anger doesn’t mean that you’re not a fan, it means that you ARE A FAN. You love something so much, that when it’s stripped away from you, and you know it’s not coming back, the only thing you can do is lash out. I guess it’s almost like an Uchiha-Syndrome, but not quite. So lashing out at someone who’s already lashing out, only makes the fire more intense. IT DOESN’T HELP ANYTHING! If you want peace in this shipping war, then the first step is to understand one another and put yourself in the shoes of someone else.

The theories, the hope that if enough people are upset they’ll change the ending, the anime team will change the ending, that Kishimoto will change his mind again during the movies, that if we find enough clues and stay faithful to our ship we will be rewarded. It doesn’t help that other ships are claiming they won because “they believed harder”.

Self-Explanatory, but remember depression will pass. This isn’t clinical depression, this is part of the grieving process.

Our ships are beautiful. So don’t stop drawing, don’t stop writing, because even though our ships aren’t canon, doesn’t mean that our moments didn’t exist. Our ship hasn’t sunk, it just never made it to port. Who cares, the sea is more beautiful anyway.