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Relationship Headcanons for Hinata, tenten, Temari, and Karin! ❤️❤️

Yessss you can! Have I mentioned that I love the Naruto girls so much? They don’t get enough appreciation in my opinion, and they deserve it.

Relationship Headcanon for Hinata, Tenten, Temari and Karin

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• The first time you kissed Hinata it surprised her so much that she froze completely and had no idea how to respond. But she was determined not to lose her chance to show you how much she liked you, so before you pulled away, she threw her arms around your neck and drew you in closer.

• She loves to hold your hand in public. Though she is shy, she is proud to be your girlfriend and is not at all afraid to let everyone know. She likes how your fingers feel laced between hers, and no matter how long the two of you are together, there will never be a day where it doesn’t fill her with warmth.

• Her favorite dates are the ones where the two of you pick up lunch somewhere and walk, hand in hand, to a empty field. She likes to lay back in the grass with your arms around her and listen to you talk about everything and nothing because the sound of your voice is her favorite sound in the world.

• She likes to bring you small gifts fairly often, like little trinkets she finds in quirky little shops that remind her of a story you told her once. But every once in a while when she knows you have had a rough week and you’re feeling a little defeated, she spends all night making a big box of your favorite goodies to leave on your doorstep with a simple, encouraging letter.

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• Tenten plays it coy. Before you decided to just go for it and asked her out, she made you guess whether or not she liked you. She would openly flirt with you one day and ignore you the next, so you really had no idea where you stood with her.

• Tenten doesn’t like feeling dependent on others, so when she’s feeling down she tends to withdraw a little, but she will always tell you what is wrong. Just let her do her own thing for a day or so, then when she’s had time to blow the steam off, then you can offer her comfort in the form of letting her know you’re always there for her. She appreciates this kind of steadfast loyalty more than a shoulder to cry on.

• She’s actually a great cook, and invites you to her house regularly to have dinner with her. After dinner, she likes to turn out the lights, put on a scary movie and spend the rest of the night making fun of the gratuitous gore and cuddling with you.

• She’s not really big on PDA, she considers it embarrassing. But she’s not averse to walking around town with her arm around your waist every once in a while. The mood strikes her randomly, so it’s a pleasant surprise when you feel her sidling in close and sliding her arm around you.

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• Temari is a go-getter. She sets her sights on something or someone and she works her butt off to get it. She actually chased you down and made sure she left you no doubt that she wanted to be your girlfriend and asked you out on a date.

• Can be a little bossy, to be honest. She lets you know when you’ve done something that upsets her with no hesitation and will give you the cold shoulder until you fix it. She also has a nasty habit of telling you what you’re going to do. She’ll say something like, “Get dressed. We’re going to get dinner.” She doesn’t mean it, and if it upsets you she will try very hard to be less demanding.

• She is also very protective of you. If she overhears someone talking about you, you can bet they will be getting the earful of a lifetime. She doesn’t tolerate anyone talking bad about you, or god forbid, threatening you.

• She will parade you around town proudly, she is not at all embarrassed to let everyone know that the two of you are together. She will hold your hand, lean over to kiss you every once in a while and just be very touchy and affectionate in general.

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• Karin will follow you around like a puppy dog, but loudly and vehemently deny that she likes you to anyone who dared try to call her out on it. It got so bad that the majority of the town refuses to bring it up around her even after the two of you start dating publicly.

• Karin is the most physically affectionate girlfriend you could have. She likes to pull you into dark alleyways and just start outright making out with you. Then when she’s got you going, she will pull away, smirk at you, and drag you back out on the crowded streets where you can’t do anything about it. She’s kind of a tease like that.

• She will absolutely leave marks on you where everyone can see them. It kind of turns her on to know that everyone knows what she’s been doing with you and that they all know that you belong to her. She can be a tiny bit possessive.

• She really likes it when you rely on her. Even if it’s just something small like going out to get something you forgot at the grocery store, feeling needed is very important to her.


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