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Listen here, just because you made Sumire this- holy sht i just laughed my ass off since i was gonna say Sasukeesque character *laughs ass off*

Hold up, the thought was only a joke but it looks like I was on to something here.

First up, just cause you made Sumire less annoying and actually kinda cool DOESN’T MEAN I SHIP HER WITH BORUTO. Again, not now. Stop the shipping war for until some time later.

If I were some other people I’d probably think this whole thing is a BoruSumi, or whatever their ship name is, canon thing well it’s not. (Or so i think, I don’t know! I aint here for arguments I aint the director!)

Second up, the hell is with Sasuke the remake? “I must take revenge!” Ok yeah, it started with her parents getting killed and- oh wait, yep. Sasukeesque. (I’m laughing my ass of because of my brilliance)

I get that Boruto needs a kickstarter plot and trust me I love the anime and find it cool (mostly because Kakashi bae aint lookin a year over *beep*) I just can’t ignore Sasuke the remake: I must get revenge on the village.

Third up, damn Sumire girl! Mitsuki was right when he said you’re good if you put your mind into it! You’re hella strong and now that you’ve stopped that huahuahua sht you’re more likable than ever! I find your badassness and awesome back tattoo (must’ve been painful) cool! Still though you’ve gotten yourself into some deep sht.

Fourth up, Mitsuki who da hell are you working for? Can’t be Oro right? Or maybe older Mistuki? I have no idea I am so confused. Still seeing you fighting like that, I can’t wait til your older huehuehue

Fifth up, Boruto… I just can’t with you. I mean i love you but… ugh…. I somehow feel slightly annoyed with you but I don’t know why. Yknow what, forget it.

Sixth up, KAKASHI BAE. SAI BAE. I love you two to death and I feel for you Sai, I don’t want you to go back to being shunned. Nope, nu uh! And that little ‘you’re Inojin’s friend’ aww papa Sai you rock. (Was wishing for Ino but whatevs, take what you can get I suppose)

All in all I liked the episode since the hype is going up and there’s some major things happening now. Sasuke V.2 is probably gonna be an okay start to kick things off so I won’t complain. I enjoyed it and I hope others too.

These are my thoughts feel free to talk it out.

One last thing though.


Ehem. Well there are my thoughts.

Boruto Episode 13

Naruto: What can I do to help destroy Nue?

Kakashi: You aren’t helping. Go back to Barrier team!

Naruto: OK then

At this age and day, Kakashi still teaches Naruto. Power of a sensei. Power of the 6th vs 7th.