naruto chapter 602

Naruto 602

This chapter really made me depressed simply because Obito didn’t wake up after being crushed all douchey, and was his usual, a lot like Naruto, self.  

I did enjoy all the info we were given though.  By the looks of things, Obito was the one who got his ass out from under the rocks by using his mangekyou.  Don’t ask me how, but Madara said he just found him, so perhaps sacrificing himself helped to activate it and he subconsciously teleported himself out of there.  Who knows.

But also, Madara is old as fuck and is only being kept alive by some Hashirama tree, which he used to put Obito back together again.  And since Obito can’t go anywhere without killing himself, Madara has decided to enlist Obito, against his will at this point, to help him with something.

This is the part that depressed me the most.  Obito, realizing he’s alive, immediately wants to return to the Leaf to be with his friends, and especially because he finally has the ability to protect Rin like Kakashi can.  So, to see that and then see how he is now is just effing sad.  Now I want to know what happened to make him the way he is today.