naruto chapter 558

Naruto-kun… let’s do our best…” - Hinata, chapter 41
“You can look at my answers… Naruto-kun…” - Hinata, chapter 42
“Could it be some kind of trap…? Nah, Hinata wouldn’t do that…” - Naruto, chapter 42
“Because… I… don’t want you to disappear here…” - Hinata, chapter 42
“Anyway, how lucky I am. Good thing I’m next to Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 42
“Plus, because you helped me cheat, you could get in trouble too…” - Naruto, chapter 42.
“I hope Naruto-kun is alright…” - Hinata, chapter 58.
“I’d like to cheer for Naruto-kun… but I’m on Kiba-kun’s team… he might get mad… but…” - Hinata, chapter 75.
“You’re wrong Kiba-kun….Naruto-kun isn’t that weak. Unlike me Naruto-kun always believed in his self-worth. I really thought that was incredible because I understand how difficult that is…Yet nobody would even look at that Naruto… nobody even tried to acknowledge him…but…now everyone is watching you….everyone is acknowledging you.” - Hinata, Chapter 76
“Thanks! You’re nice, Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 77.
“Hinata! Stand up for yourself! This is hard to watch!!” - Naruto, chapter 79
“Naruto-kun… thank you! …I no longer want to run away!” - Hinata, chapter 79
“I don’t go back on my word… that is also my ninja way!” - Hinata, chapter 79
“I never knew Hinata was this incredible..” -Naruto, Chapter 80
“I have always watched you. Watched you for all these years! Why is that…? I don’t know why, but…When I look at Naruto-kun…I feel courage. I feel that if I try my best, even I can do it. That I am worth something. That’s how I begin to feel.” - Hinata, Chapter 80.
“Naruto-kun… In the past I was the only one looking… but right now, you are…” - Hinata, chapter 80
“He’s finally watching me. In front of the person I admire…I can’t look this bad.” Hinata, Chapter 80
“Naruto-kun… was I able… to change a little…?” - Hinata, chapter 80
“Hinata… I promise you…. I will win!” – Naruto, chapter 81
“When you cheered for me… I felt like I had become stronger… After the prelims ended, I started liking myself a little more. To other people, it may not seem like I changed much.. But I felt like I was able to change… It was thanks to you, Naruto-kun….” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Hey Hinata… do you really think that?” - Naruto, chapter 98
“In my eyes, you’re a proud failure! When I look at you… I get an intense feeling in my heart…” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Because you’re not perfect… Because you fail, you have the strength to get back up… Because I believe that’s what true strength is… I think you are an incredibly strong person, Naruto-kun…” - Hinata, chapter 98
“Thanks Hinata! Earlier I was feeling uncharacteristically depressed, but now I feel great!!” - Naruto, chapter 98
“You know about you… I thought you were a plain looking, dark weirdo… But a person like you, I really like!” - Naruto, chapter 98
“Hinata too… she’s suffered as much as you!! A member of the main family… but not acknowledged. Trying her best to change herself… thinking that as she was coughing blood while fighting you!” – Naruto, chapter 103
“Where is Hinata!? Is she watching me!?” - Naruto, chapter 105
“I heard he was back but.. what do I do…? I’m not ready… I haven’t seen him in three years… what do I say… um.. um..” - Hinata, chapter 282
“Hey it’s Hinata! Whatcha hiding here for!?” - Naruto, chapter 282
“Guided by a golden light, she now steps out into the sun!” – Chapter 297 cover
“Let’s do our best, Naruto-kun!” – Hinata, chapter 355
“Right!” – Naruto, chapter 355
“I don’t want to lose him. He feels so close to me. I’ve always felt this way.” - Hinata, Chapter 437 Cover
“I won’t let you lay another finger on Naruto-kun!” - Hinata, chapter 437.
“Why did you come here!? Hurry up and run! He’s too much for-” - Naruto, chapter 437.
“I felt like being selfish. I’m here because I want to be here. I used to always cry and give up… I made many wrong turns… But you… You helped me find the right path… I always chased after you… I wanted to catch up to you… I wanted to walk beside you all the time… I just wanted to be with you… You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I am not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you… Naruto-kun.” – Hinata, chapter 437
“Don’t tell me I.. Hinata… the other villagers… Thank goodness… thank goodness they’re okay…” – Naruto, chapter 441
“Thank goodness… Naruto-kun, thank goodness you’re safe….” - Hinata, chapter 443
“When Pain struck Hinata I was so mad, so full of rage, my heart instantly connected with the Kyuubi’s will.” – Naruto, chapter 490
“This war is protect Naruto-kun! We definitely won’t lose!” - Hinata, chapter 540
“Sorry for taking so long… everything’s all right now!” - Naruto, chapter 558
“Are you alright, Hinata?” - Naruto, chapter 559
“It is Naruto-kun! Just look at his eyes, you can tell. Sorry Naruto-kun… everyone’s so suspicious of you…” - Hinata, Chapter 559
“The one person I want to protect not matter the cost… always ends up protecting me instead… I guess I really am no good…” - Hinata, chapter 559
“Don’t worry about it Hinata… I’m pretty lame considering you’ve already had to save me at least twice now! - Naruto, chapter 559
“It’s all in your eyes, Hinata! Don’t get so down on yourself, you’re strong!” – Naruto, chapter 559
“Naruto-kun, I’ve always… always been chasing after you… Even now… But once this war ends, I’m going to stop once and for all. Next time, I’ll be next to you, holding your hand… walking with you! Wait for me!” - Hinata, chapter 573
“Naruto-kun are you okay!?” - Hinata, chapter 611
“Hell yeah!” - Naruto, chapter 611
“We’ll protect you!!!” - Hinata, chapter 614
“Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 614
“Did you understand the meaning of what Neji-niisan said earlier? That your life is not only one… Naruto-kun. Your words, and beliefs that you won’t let your friends die… They’re not a lie! It’s because of those words that he was able to come this far… It’s not only you… everyone kept those words and feelings in their hearts, and that’s how everybody’s lives are connected together. That’s why they are comrades. If everyone gave up on those words and thoughts.. Then what Neji-niisan did would be pointless too… That would be the real way to kill your friends! They wouldn’t be comrades anymore. That’s what I think. So.. let’s stand up together Naruto-kun. Always going ahead and not going back on one’s words. That’s my ninja way too.” - Hinata, chapter 615
“Right.. it’s not only mom and dad… so far, everyone has… Hinata, thank you! My life is not only one…! It’s thanks to you that stayed by my side!” - Naruto, chapter 615
“Naruto-kun’s hand… is big… and strong… and… makes me feel safe.” - Hinata, chapter 615
“I won’t let go of your hand!!” - Naruto, chapter 615
“Let’s go Hinata!” - Naruto, chapter 615
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