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  • SasuSara in one frame *whale noises*
  • Boruto Episode 95 Spoilers
  • My man doesn’t need Tsunade’s jutsu to stay being a heartthrob
  • I love Sasuke but sometimes he need to calm down, I’m already dying here 😍

cr:twitter user (I’m sorry i didn’t catch the name cause i was excitedly saving and scrolling for more of these)


#saradaweek day 3 - inheritance

“The Uchiha Clan, due to grave misfortune, nearly lost it’s entire lineage. At the present time the only ones known to be living to carry on the bloodline are Sasuke Uchiha and his daughter.”

“Sasuke doesn’t wear glasses but your eyes are just like his. But your presence is a lot like Sakura.”