naruto 669

How Naruto's scolding of Bolt should have gone...

Naruto [pointing at his vandalised Hokage face]: We can’t have this!!! This is an embarrassment! [Points at Bolt] I’m disappointed in you!!

Bolt: *sulky face* as Naruto snatches the paint bucket away
Bolt: Hey!

Naruto: And you’re supposed to be my son?
[Grabs the paintbrush] You missed a spot! THIS is how it’s done!!!

Naruto proceeds to splash random strokes at his own face. Bolt just stares, wide-eyed and confused.

Naruto: Now watch the master at work. I was the best at this in my day. [Grins]. How does it look now?

Bolt: It needs THIS! [Does more slices].

The two proceed to completely trash Naruto’s stone monument. Perfect father-son bonding time. Then…

Bolt: But- aren’t I meant to be in trouble? You’re not gonna punish me?

Naruto: Oh, I’ll get back at you for sure.
[He places his hands on Bolt’s shoulders]. When *you* become Hokage, we can then botch up *yourface. >:D

Bolt smiles. Then grins.

Bolt: Sure! That’s a promise! And you gotta promise me too, Dad.

Naruto: Yeah! *thumb up*

Naruto bursts into the Five-Kage meeting.

“7th Hokage, you’re late!”

And Naruto’s all covered in red paint.


Level of butthurt in the fandom after chapter 700= 1000 Years of Death