naruto 620


And so they swapped stories and chatted and gossiped and lived happily ever after until Orochimaru Edo Tensei-ed them.


I bet this happened. They only don’t remember when they got Edo-Tensei-ed. YUP. 

Naruto 620 was SO asking for it (Hashirama you boss, showing your bro who is the alpha at the end of the day <333) 

  • 2nd Hokage: But I created the Edo tensei.
  • 3rd Hokage: But I knew all the Jutsus of Konoha
  • 4th Hokage: But I'm the yellow flash and saved Konoha by sacrificing myself.
  • 5th Hokage: But I can heal all things and live after being cut in half.
  • Tsuchikage: But I know the particle Jutsu.
  • Kazekage: But I control the desert.
  • Mizukage: But I have 2 kekkei genkai.
  • Madara: But I'm madara fucking uchiha.
  • Hashirama: lol
  • Hashirama: Cute little shinobi.
Chapter 620
  • Orochimaru: So, we're at war, but you have to give Sasuke the information he needs, because you're all my bitches right now
  • Tobirama: FUCK YOU, I'M OUT
  • Orochimaru: ... No, seriously, you're my bitch
  • Hashirama: el oh el. I'm no one's bitch. Ay bro, simmer down faggot. I got this
  • Suigetsu: ~pees~