naruto 60 day challenge

Naruto 60 Day Challenge Day 5- Favorite Teams: Konoha 11 and Sand Siblings! Ok, so I kind of cheated and picked the teams that included EVERYBODY I love! But hey, I couldn’t just pick one favorite because I love all  of them! Each team has certain qualities that I love, I love team Kurenai because I think they all work together well and they’re the team of the best trackers. I love team Asuma because each of there jutsus helps the others out in some way or another and because of Shikamaru they have very great strategies. I love team Gai because of the teams Power of Youth and their not-gonna-give-up spirt and how they’re all funny and act silly, even Neji occasionally. I love team Kakashi because they have loyal and powerful team members. And finally, I love the Sand Siblings because they are very powerful and have cool jutsus and I love that they’re not only allies with Konoha but also friends! So that’s why I picked Konoha 11 and the Sand Siblings because I love them all! :D

Naruto 60 Day Challenge- Day 6 Favorite Hokage: Minato Namikaze.

Ok, so today is favorite Hokage and I picked The 4th Hokage- Minato! I think he was an amazing Hokage because to protect his village, his home, and his friends he gave his life. It really saddens me that he is already dead and before he even got to really meet Naruto and watch him grow up. He and Kushina were really looking forward to being parents and he would have been a great dad! Every one in the village still admires him because of his courage and his bravery. And I really liked his jutsu; it was pretty cool. So cool they gave him the nickname Yellow Flash. So that’s why I picked the 4th Hokage- Minato Namikaze as my favorite! :D

Naruto 60 Day Challenge Day 29- Favorite Uchiha: Uchiha Itachi! I feel like there isn’t much to say about this one… I love Itachi more than anything in the world. He’s amazing… simply amazing. He was the bravest man and his death will never stop hurting me. An extraordinary brother, a noble and honorable man, and my favorite Uchiha– Itachi <3


Naruto 60 Day Challenge Day 29- Favorite Ninja Hound: Akamaru! This was a pretty easy choice considering the fact that there’s only like 5 ninja hounds in the whole show. Add that to the fact that this dog is the cutest thing since baby Jiraiya and wah-lah, Akamaru wins. :) I adore his loyalty and how sincere he is and I think the relationship he has with Kiba is precious and very important. It’s nice to see a fighting duo that you know have each other’s backs completely. 


Naruto 60 Day Challenge Day 28- Most Underrated Character: Konan and TenTen! I picked Konan because nobody ever gives her credit for being completely BADASS. She was always overshadowed. Konan was such a beautiful, caring, and selfless person. Her character really was just awesome. And I feel like nobody remembers her. When people think of the Akatsuki, they don’t remember to mention Konan even though she kicks major ass. For goodness sakes, the woman’s made out of PAPER!!! How is that not the coolest thing in the world?! How can anyone forget that? And to top it all off, nobody feels remorse or sadness for her plight. She’s all alone now, it’s sad and nobody remembers. Secondly, I picked TenTen because she barely exists. She’s pretty cool too (even if she did get her ass kicked by Temari) and  nobody thinks about her. I just feel like she gets left out a lot. Out of all the Konoha 11, I think she’s the forgotten one. 


Naruto 60 Day Challenge: Day 15: Scene that makes you laugh

These three men.  Every time It seems they are making a funny face, doing something crazy or just being socially awkward!  I love Yamato and his drakonian methods.  Sai is so awkward but tries so hard and its sad but so funny to watch him fail (yet succeed in his own way) at being social.  And of course Tobi (not Obito) is stinking hilarious at whatever he does.  (For what little time we had him for.)