Maile Flanagan (Naruto’s English voice actor) is literally the most amazing person ever. I can tell that she really enjoys and loves her job from the bottom of her heart and they couldn’t have picked a better person to do Naruto’s voice! (Oh, and not to mention..her sense of humor is to die for. She’s always joking about coffee filters xD) Maile really understands Naruto and what kind of character he is. On countless occasions when she has been asked questions about which character she likes, she’s always responding with “Sasuke”. She is the biggest SasuNaruSasu shipper ever and she even said that she hopes Sasuke and Naruto end up running away together to start a family in one of her interviews. I great is that?? Even Sasuke’s English voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal, admitted that there was “pent-up frustration between Sasuke and Naruto.” They both know there’s something special between these two! =) But anyway, I just wanted to give this woman more attention since she seriously deserves it. Here’s to Maile Flanagan!


“Trapped in the Labyrinth of love” What the hell are you doing in the Labyrinth?!?! Were you trying to solve the labyrinth within thirteen hours before your Icha Icha series turn into a goblin babe?! Or were you hanging out with Jareth the goblin king dancing the “dance magic dance”, learning how to juggle magical balls, stealing screaming babies or getting to more tips on how to sexuality awaken girls just baby standing there?! Explain Kakashi; EXPLAIN!!!!!! (I would have like to go😭) Or…maybe!

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