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700+5: The Future

[Caption]: Sarada finally finds her dad, but…? 

Sasuke: It’s…

Sasuke: Is that you Sarada? (T/N: He literally says “It’s you, Sarada?” but it is meant in the sense that he is verifying her identity instead of a statement.)

Sarada: Hm…

Sasuke: I see.

Sarada: Hum… Me, I understood right away… that you were my dad.

Naruto: So you were here?

Chocho: Sarada, you do as you please, really! (T/N: She is saying Sarada always does whatever she wants to do and doesn’t use her head.)

Naruto: Sorry Sasuke, I’m arriving a little late.

Sasuke: Naruto! You owe me an explanation!

Sasuke: Why did you come with kids?

Naruto: It wasn’t planned from the departure, but…

Sarada: I wanted to meet you!

Chocho: I know! 

Chocho [thoughts]: That handsome man there who is cool… (T/N: The term “qui en jette” means to look elegant or have a beautiful allure. It can be interpreted in various ways.)

Chocho [thoughts]: …He might be my dad??

Sarada: I knew the Hokage was leaving to meet you, so… I followed him. I had to absolutely ask you a question.

Sasuke: Which? (T/N: He wants to know what the question is that she wants to ask.)

Sarada: Hm… In fact… it’s on the subject of… my mother.

Sarada: Is she really… my mom?

Shizune: She was holding this old photo from the time of Team Taka. I’m wondering if she didn’t go looking for her dad to interrogate him.

Sakura: She’s impossible, that girl!

Sakura: In that case, there’s nothing left for me to do but to go to this tower.

Shizune: With what Shikamaru told us, that’s probably the direction she took.

Chocho: Hein!? But what are you talking about?

Sasuke: Did something happen that I missed? (T/N: Can also be translated as “Did something happen that I do not know of?”)

Sarada: You’re asking what happened?

Sarada: In the end, you never came home!! Why did you abandon mom?! You even forgot the face of your daughter… and that’s all that it is to you?

Sarada: Who is this girl next to you that is wearing the same glasses as me?! You honestly believe that I can ask mom?!

Sarada: Mom never talks about this subject, and you, you are never there!! In any case, how can I believe you?! My life is a nightmare!! (T/N: Here when she says “how can I believe you” she is either addressing Sasuke respectfully or she is saying “I can’t believe you guys” in plural, most likely referring to Sakura and Sasuke.)

Sarada: Moreover… I never know where you are or what you are doing!!

(T/N: Sorry for mistakes, this is the gist of what is happening. I’ll update and add if there are other pages that are posted or edit if I can think of a better translation.)



Everlasting love [Your hand] - Read right to left

❀ Art by Atarple (me!)

❀ Translation by fightmesasuke

Inspiration: Naruto Road to Ninja OST - Family / My home / Thank you.

Hello everyone! I leave a mini-doujinshi? Just 4 pages I had done it when the first chapter of Naruto Gaiden came out and finally finish it. The truth is that I don’t care anymore what kishimoto did too Sasusaku and Sakura, if Sarada is her biological child, adopted or whatever Sakura always was and will be her mother. Sakura is a lioness and deserves to be happy. As for Sasuke I cannot think nothing more I love and hate him with the same intensity and the same time. He stabbed several times my heart with his sable… Sarada! God she did what no one Uchiha did before and is turning his sharingan for love! and not hate! she felt so much love for his father that his sharingan appeared! Well that’s all. A special thanks to fightmesasuke and her great english translation. Those who do not speak Spanish go and thank her because without her there was no translation.

Anyway sorry for my bad english and thanks for watch my work :)


Title: The Future (Naruto Gaiden 700 + 5)

Page 1:

Splash–> Sarada finally finds her father, but….




Page 2 :


It’s you, Sarada?




I see…


As for me, I knew right away that you were my father.


Page 3:

So you were here?

Sarada, you were seriously not using your head!

Sorry Sasuke for arriving a bit late.

Naruto! You owe me an explanation!


Page 4:

Sasuke: Why did you come here with these children?

Naruto: I didn’t plan on it when I left, but….

Sarada: I wanted to meet you!

Chou-Chou: I know! As for this man who’s so alluring….could he be my father!?

Sarada: I knew that the Hokage was leaving to meet with you, and so…I followed him. It was absolutely necessary that I ask you a question

Sasuke: About what?

Sarada: Hm.. it’s about the topic of my mother….


Page 5:

Sarada: Is she really my mother?

Shizune: She had that old photo from the Hawk era. I’m wondering if she didn’t go to see her father to ask him.

Sakura: … That girl is impossible.

Sakura: In this case, we just have to go to that tower.

Shizune: From what Shikamaru said to us, it’s probably the way she took.


Page 6:

Chocho: What?

Chocho: What are you talking about?

Sasuke: Did something happen that I don’t know?

Sarada: You’re… wondering what happened?

Sarada: But you never came back home! Why did you abandon Mom? You even forgot your daughter’s face, and that’s all it does to you?!


Page 7:

Sarada: Who is this girl next to you wearing the same glasses as me?! You honestly believe that I can ask this of mom?!

Chocho: …?

Naruto: …

Sarada: Mom never speaks on the subject, and you, you are never there!! Anyway, how could I believe you?! My life is a nightmare!!

Sarada: …

Sarada: Plus I never know where you are nor what you are doing!!

Possible Naruto Gaiden chp. 5 spoiler


「ひどくね? 自分の娘に刀向けるフツー?」とチョウチョウが責め、ナルトもサスケを睨む。

サスケ曰くサラダが自分の娘と同じ顔であると分かってはいたが、変化の術かもしれないし幻術で操られている かもしれない、味方だと確認できるまでは気を許すわけにはいかないと冷静に言い放つ。




そもそもサスケの任務はカグヤが無限月読で兵隊を作ってた理由、カグヤの敵の調査、そしてカグヤの出生の謎 の調査がメイン。
オビトの死後、ストックしていた写輪眼と白ゼツの残党を元手にシンのような半人工の忍を大量に生み出してる 可能性があるらしい。


Note: Please translate this one.


- Naruto interrupted Sasuke 

- Sasuke recognized Sarada but thought she’s an illusion made by the enemy. That’s why he was pointing his sword at her.

- Sarada ask Sasuke why he left. He said “it’s none of your business”.

- The army kaguya is actually  shin clones (not sure here)

For more info: check Narutoforum 

Note: These are just possible spoilers. Take it with a grain of salt.