This statement annoys me to no fucking end. While I agree that guys should be able to interact freely, without being called gay, Naruto and Sasuke have so much more than that. This was written in reference to the time Sasuke was willing to LITERALLY DIE to save Naruto from Haku. He was willing to give up on the revenge that fueled his existence. He was willing to give up EVERYTHING for Naruto. He wasn’t even mad, he didn’t even regret doing it. He said that his body “moved on its own” to protect Naruto, instinctually. Naruto cradled him in his arms, as Sasuke told him that he couldn’t die too. When he thought Sasuke was dead, he hugged him and then lost his fucking mind, if you’ll recall. Even when Sasuke wakes up, he basically tells Sakura to get off of him and then asks if Naruto is alright. It’s “problematic” to instantly write off these kinds of interactions as friendly because they’re both men. As a lesbian, it drives me insane when people contribute to queer erasure like this. The only problematic thing here is your insistence that everything be viewed through a heteronormative lense. Sasuke loves Naruto more than he could ever love Sakura, get over it.

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Hey darling I love your work and your art style so much and I know you are sand siblings but I was wondering if you could do a Halloween Rock lee, please?

he’s dressed as the scariest thing of all….an unbalanced diet….