ugggh so busy lately why

still a bit on a naru kick, here’s a gaalee fam with their kids from boruto (metal lee and shinki). why do they have mini shukakus? you think gaara wouldn’t buy toy shukaa-kus for his kids????

(apparently in canon there are dolls of the tailed beasts and shino dotes on his kuraa-ma doll what is happening)

When you see a progressing fanart of a beginner artist:

When the artist claims their doodle “shitty”:

When you see your OTP/fave characters drawn as Stickmen:

Artist draws OTP together:

Shifting and experimenting different styles on your art:

When ESL people and budding writers post beautiful fanfics as best as they can even with slight grammar errors:

When you saw a fanfic that met your satisfaction: