Sakura Hiden: Chapter 1 (Preview)

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A female medical ninja was explaining the document that was in her hands. She was about two years younger in age than Sakura.

“――The way I see and understand the data from the distributed document, the number of children who (are being admitted with a chief complaint for) psychosomatic disorders are certainly decreasing”

“Since (the clinic’s) introduction a year and a half ago, (the data) means that it’s efficacy is steadily rising.”

(After Sakura stated that), the medical ninja who was in charge of explaining (the document) then continued: “Yes. It’s satisfactory“ she nodded. Her small face was red with tension and nervousness.

“As the symptoms are prolonged, improvements will not be observed through counseling with conversations. As for those cases, we will be collaborating with the other departments within the hospital. We’ll make sure that prescription medicine and so forth will even be included in support (of their recovery). “

“That won’t be a problem, right?”

Next to Sakura, Ino spoke up.

Sakura nodded. “That’s right”. (And then she continued):

“But as for coordinating with the other departments, please proceed (with our requests) as carefully as possible. Since (the patient’s well-being) won’t be improved with a (just a) few discussions, instead of treatment with medicine, (we should) firstly and carefully listen to the child’s stories. Because that is the original purpose of establishing ‘The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic’ here.”

That’s what (Sakura) added (to the discussion).


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Remember this scene here?

I believe Sakura Hiden happens RIGHT AFTER THIS!!!!!

Firstly in the novel Sakura runs into Naruto and he says he borrowed a magazine from Sai (first panel) which said that men should pay for the date (second panel) and then he realized that the food was too expensive (last panel).

Then we have:

Hinata uses her byakugan to see how much money Naruto has and realizes he doesn’t have much. Then she proposes they head off to Ichiraku. In the novel, Naruto tells Sakura that they were off to Ichiraku after he saw the food was TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!

See here:

“Naruto! Hinata!”
Turning around, Sakura saw the figures of the two of them. Both of them were wearing civilian clothes and were walking in her direction.
“What? (Are you two) on a date?” Sakura asked.
“Yup. Because by chance, both of us are off-duty”
“(How are you), Sakura-chan?” said Hinata.
“I was at the hospital in a business meeting with Ino”
“I heard about the discussion ‘dattebayo. Ah-, the usual-, what was that again-, The Children’s….err-, something clinic?”
“It’s ‘The Children’s Mental Healthcare Clinic’” . After she corrected him, Sakura asked, “What are you up to right now? (Going out for) a meal?”
“Yup, (we’re going) to Ichiraku” Hinata nodded.
“Hey.” Naruto started to whisper into Sakura’s ear.
(I borrowed 「An-An」from Sai. In (that magazine), it wrote about how the man should pay for the expenses of the date. But the cost for the courses (of the meals at the restaurant) were too expensive!)


Don’t you know? You’re super popular according to your kouhai. ――Even though you’re a medical ninja, you’re powerful during combat. In addition, you’re also able to work so diligently. Moreover, you’re a beautiful person . (Because of those reasons), you’ll probably grow even more popular.
—  Yamanaka Ino to Haruno Sakura (Sakura Hiden)