After Naruto purposed to him, Sasuke just couldn’t hold back from crying the whole night. He never thought that day will come, but here it is and he couldn’t be happier.

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I think it would have been better if Kishi had paired couples (main characters) who never really interacted with each other.

For example: no one really debates Ino and Sia because you don’t really see them interact. So when they ended up together, you can accept that they fall in love during the time skip. There is no question of healthy or likely. Same with Choji and Karui.
The problem with pairing Naruto with Hinata or Sasuke and Sakura is that there was not enough of a MUTUAL relashionship development. You get more of a development from Shikamaru and Temari.

I think it would have been better if Sasuke was paired with Hinata or Tenten; and Naruto with Ino orTenten, BECAUSE you never saw them interact. It would have been surprising but you wouldn’t be able to poke holes in the relashionship or say it was unhealthy, or guilt induced, and you can’t even judge on the likelihood of it since they’ve never really interacted enough for you to make that judgement call.

Also, it would have made everyones previous feelings as being regular crushes like you get as a teenager. Just because you think your in love as a teen does not mean that person if the one for the rest of your life. It would have been more realistic.

Lasciati andare. Da sfogo alla paura, al dolore che senti, alla collera che reprimi. Liberati di tutto quello che hai accumulato dentro e dopo ricomincia a vivere.
—  Naruto Shippuden