Band of Killers: Scorpion- Backstage and Onstage

Sasori looks super cute playing the violin when he thinks he’s alone… But when he’s forced to play on stage, he wears his creepy Hiruko mask, like a good hardcore metal band member. He leads the other orchestra guys, who also wear black cloaks. Very dark and super creepy… Sasori is actually the most popular member, even though he doesn’t play a major part in the band, simply because no one knows who he is or what he looks like. Sasori requested this, since he doesn’t like people knowing much about him at all. So he goes by the name “Scorpion” on stage, and he rarely talks to paparazzi. He allows the core band members to speak for him, which sometimes doesn’t work out so well for him.

Girls love him because they are convinced he is hot. And he is, but they don’t know that for sure… One time, the mask slipped a bit in the back, and they got to see some red hair, but that’s it.

“His skin is smooth, he’s young!”
“He plays so intensely, like he’s making art <3”

Deidara: “Tch. Only he could wear such hideous getup and still have fangirls, hm.”


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