“After watching this movie, the luckiest/happiest thing to me is the increase of everyone’s interaction with their children or the most important people to them, I used this kind of thinking to create this movie. 

Not how-I-want-everyone -discussing-Boruto’s-story, but it’s how everyone is with their children/loved ones, being able to have the chance to have the each other’s attention… to me there is nothing happier than this!”

Pro-family movie intensifies.

There’s nothing more important for Kishimoto and the producers in charge of Boruto than family values so prepare yourselves to vomit rainbows witht his one.


- NaruHina family eating cake final scene.

- Sasuke touching foreheads.

- TenTen wearing the green jumpsuit to train with her husband and Metal Lee.

- Sai finally approving his son’s concept of art.

- Akimichi clan fast-food restaurant scene.

- More ShikaTema, because there is never enough.

- Tamaki being pregnant… give me an Inuzuka baby already!

- Karin adopting one of the Uchiha clones with Suigetsu in the credits XD

- Shino getting married… because why not?