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hello! i was wondering how the persona (3,4,5) protags would react to discovering their crush or s/o to awakening their persona?

i did more them joining the group than awakening to their persona, but i hope you like it! (minor spoilers are in akira’s, so if you haven’t reached december i would advise you don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled)


  • Minato found out you had the potential one night when the group had gone to Tartarus. He had left you at the dormitory as normal, and assumed you would turn into a coffin like everyone else. He had told you he would be back and left you in his room, leaving with everyone to head to the school.
  • What he didn’t realize, though, was that you didn’t turn into a coffin that night. You waited for a while for him to come back, but once the Dark Hour happened, you freaked out and left the room. Realizing nobody was in the dorm, you left and somehow ended up at the school; which was now Tartarus.
  • Thankfully, Fuuka was at the entrance, so she called everyone back from their training that day immediately. Although it didn’t show on his face, when he saw you there he was absolutely terrified. He didn’t want to put you, his S/O, into danger. He knew Mitsuru would see if you had a Persona, and he didn’t want that to happen.
  • He held your hand as the group went back to the dormitory. There, Mitsuru explained what they were, and what was happening. After a long conversation, she asked if you would join if you could summon a Persona, and you agreed, ignoring your boyfriend’s complaints. He wasn’t expressive often, but you weren’t going to not agree to that.
  • The next night, you went to Tartarus. You were given an Evoker and summoned your Persona (after a bit of panicking). Although Minato was initially protesting you joining S.E.E.S., he let you officially join. You did have to live at the dormitory, though, so it made him happy that you were at least living with them.
  • From then on, he had you join the frontline in every exploration. You were a powerful addition to the team, and he made sure to protect you in every battle. After all, losing you would be a fate worse than his own death.


  • Souji hated himself for not realizing it was you on the Midnight Channel. He should’ve known, but he hadn’t soon enough. You were already in the TV. He was a little surprised at what your Shadow was, though.
  • The Investigation Team went in as quickly as possible to rescue you. Souji was unusually strict during the exploration, but nobody complained. They knew why, and they knew he would do anything to get you back safely.
  • Your Shadow self was a tough boss, and Souji immediately fell to your side after he landed the finishing blow. He coaxed you to stand and you accepted your Shadow as part of yourself, before falling down again in exhaustion. They explained to you what you needed to know, and got you out of the TV.
  • After you recovered, Souji called the team up and they met with you. After a bit of discussion and a bit of arguing with your boyfriend, you joined the team. Teddie even made you your own pair of glasses, and gag glasses to amuse Yukiko, customized to the colors of your Persona.
  • Once the meeting was over, he had you come back to the Dojima’s with him. Nanako was at a friend’s house and Dojima was working late, so it was just you two. He made you dinner and you talked more about the TV world and Personas, making sure you understood everything.
  • After telling your family you were staying over, you cuddled with Souji and planned to sleep. Right before you were asleep, though, he told you how glad he was that you were okay, and that he promised to keep you safe from now on. You promised to protect him in return. After all, you were the most important people in the world to each other, and you would not let the other get hurt ever again.


  • Akira was just planning to have a short trip into their most recent Palace. He didn’t expect you to accidentally end up entering, too. You had just happened to be nearby when the world shifted around you, and a moment later you were standing on a cruiser with Japan sinking around it.
  • Thankfully, you had appeared on the deck with the rest of the Phantom Thieves. Akira yelled your name and ran over to you, pulling you into his arms and asking how you got in. Although you were extremely confused, you could tell it was him beneath the mask and the weird outfit he was wearing. The rest of the group came over and answered your questions, telling you who they were and where you had ended up.
  • After much discussion, Akira decided it would be best if you went ahead and entered the Palace with them as long as you stayed by Futaba during their battles. That plan went smoothly until they encountered their first major enemy in order to get the needed letters of introduction. President Ooe was too strong for them and everyone got knocked down, making Futaba scream in fear. The Shadow turned to you after making sure everyone wouldn’t be getting up soon.
  • Akira was terrified and kept trying to pull his body up, but it was to no avail. It mocked you, saying how powerless you were and taunting you to try and fight, knowing you couldn’t do anything. Of course you were enraged at that. You went to scream back and try to fight when your Persona began to speak to you.
  • Your eyes turned bright yellow and you grabbed your head in pain, listening to the voice calling you to destroy what was in your way. Accepting its call, you snapped back up with a mask on your face and ripped it off, summoning your Persona and destroying the Shadow in front of you in one fell swoop. The rest of the Thieves laid on the ground in awe until you turned to them and fell on the ground next to Akira, pulling him up into a hug.
  • You apologized profusely for not helping sooner, but he told you not to worry. Morgana healed everyone and they got the letter of recommendation while you and Akira held each other as if you would lose the other the moment one let go. You eventually stood and were accepted into the group, now a Phantom Thief, and your boyfriend promised to never let anything like that happen ever again. You were powerful, but he made sure to always be by your side during the rest of the infiltration. He swore to never let you be the last one standing. After all, you were his S/O, and he would never let you be in danger without him there to protect you.

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