narukami senpai


Naoto waddled to the same spot her and Narukami would always hang out at when they would discuss the Phantom Thief’s riddles. She wasn’t too sure why he wanted her there. Maybe a picnic at the bench. If that were the case, hopefully, she wouldn’t end up being too heavy for the bench. Unsurprisingly, this turned to be the case. A rather extravagant looking one too. It’d be rude for her to decline to eat all these lovely food he made for her, right?

“H-hello Narukami-Senpai.” She stammered out.

Looking at the tags on my last Souji/Yu comparison gave me some food for thought. I haven’t read the manga, so I’m going off fanon for Souji, but I’m really fond of the idea that “quiet and sensitive” Souji Seta is somehow the Shadow of “swagmaster dork senpai” Yu Narukami, and vice versa.

  • Yu hides his need to be close to people behind a facade of stoic absurd humor and reliability; he provides support to others to feel wanted, but is terrified of showing that he has a sensitive side out of fear of being considered weak or needy.
  • Souji believes people only accept him for being quiet, supportive, and caring; he hides his humorous, quirky, and independent side for fear of others rejecting him for being strange or incompatible with their own personality.