NaruHina Month Day 31: Now and Forever

“Back in school, when we were asked who we’d want to spend our last day on Earth with… I couldn’t write anyone’s name down. I didn’t know my parents… and I didn’t have any friends… But now, I know exactly who I’d choose. I want to stay with you. Now and forever, until I die… I want to be with you, Hinata.” Uzumaki Naruto 

Dedicated to @honyakusha-eri ღ♡ღ


Hello :] Finally it’s here my part of a collaboration i’ve been doing with @matchaball! I picked a amazing fic of hers ( and i drawed a comic around it. We’ve both been working since early December on this (we wanted to post for the Naruhina month), so please appreciate this and tell us what do you think of this collaboration ❤

Part 1

Part 2

Naruhina Month, Day 29

Day 29: Bento

Summary:  As he ate, Naruto was reminded fondly, of the first time Hinata had ever shared her cooking with him, back when they were chuunin and sharing a mission together. Admittedly, he had felt a little unsettled eating onigiri in the shape of his own face, but it had tasted delicious.

Day 28

“Shikamaru, can you double-check how many headbands we’ll need to prepare for next week’s graduation ceremony?”

The Hokage’s second in command exhaled lowly, having just slipped in to drop some documents on his desk. His fingers kneading at the bridge of his nose in an attempt to relieve some of the tension building in his forehead. Though, his tone remained level and professional.

“Sure, I’ll get right on that.”

Naruto leant back into his chair with a sigh, raising his arms above his head and stretching out the knot in his lower back. Despite having barely made it halfway through the day, Naruto was already feeling incredibly drained, his tight schedule taking a toll on him. Feeling light-hearted and slightly dizzy, Naruto could feel his stomach growling angrily. He let out a pitiful moan, slumping headfirst against the desktop as he realised that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast that morning.

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