naruhina forever!!!

I hate when people say “don’t worry, in a couple of months they’ll forget and everyone will be okay with the Naruto ending” like bitch no, we will never forget and we will always be against the asspull that ruined something we had cherished for 15 damn years.

Words cannot express how excited I am for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding a few days from now. I couldn’t stop smiling and screeching the minute I found out it was confirmed! Seeing Naruto, the main character, and Hinata, my favorite kunoichi, blossom into mature adults brings tears to my eyes. The highlight of my day!! 💗💗💗


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honestly i just love thinking about naruto and hinata living together???? 

like the first time she stays over she wakes up before him and makes breakfast  - after sneaking out to buy some groceries bc he obv doesn’t have shit. and he wakes up and walks into the kitchen, stomach growling and ready to make himself some ramen like he always has, only to see this huge feast she’s made (because she’d totally want him to have something he liked so she’d end up making a little bit of everything).

and he just can’t?? believe?? it?? no one in his entire life has ever done something like that for him, no one has ever put so much effort into making sure he was taken care of like hinata does. and he just hugs her and eats every single thing she made, and ends up buying a little bit of everything at the grocery store so that she can experiment with new recipes and teach him how to cook so that he can cook for her too bc he wants to take care of her.

and they would totally play all kinds of pranks on each other (naruto would sneak into the bathroom and throw a cup of cold water on her while she showered and hinata would respond by sneaking in and stealing his towel/clothes, laughing hysterically when he was forced to come out of the bathroom butt naked and shivering). and every time one of them was out shopping they’d always find some little trinket that reminded them of the other, so their apartment would be decorated with all kinds of cool things, each with their own unique story and meaning to the both of them.

i just fuckin love domestic naruhina ok

What a beautiful family done by 🌸🌸🌹

NaruSaku all the way. This is called a beautiful family unlike this garbage we got

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Let’s have a moment of silence, please! Let us appreciate the beauty of Sasuke-kun. *heart eyes*

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OH, WAIT! There’s one moreeeeeeeeeee! Uggggh! *dying*

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: “remember when souma went six tails for megumi?”
: “oh yeah. and naruto challenged pein to a shokugeki over hinata’s expulsion." 

naruhina & soumegu comparison we joked about ♥~(‘▽^人)