naruhina doujin


Source:  おれっと ‏@Oretto_ring

Translation: occasionallyisaystuff

Typesetting: Me

Naruto vs. Hinata in a battle of romance.

(This is my first time doing a typeset so if you guys have any suggestions please be free to tell me! I really liked this comic so i couldn’t help myself i had to typeset it. Thanks to TL Anon for the awesome translation)


Source:  ナルヒナログ by HAL

Translation: occasionallyisaystuff

Typesetting: Me

Naruto and Hinata are forever saying eachother’s names

(Tumblr and these image restrictions make me sad making my cute otp naruhina all blurry and stuff so if you want to see a clearer image of this post you can go look at it on someones blog or on mobile. Once again i’m sorry for the blurriness it was literally out of my control ,please forgive me ╥﹏╥. 

Artist: かおり
Source: (x)

Note: This is only a rough translation. I’m not yet that good in reading kanji, but rest assured that I double checked and looked it up. Let’s wait for our master tlanon’s trans, I hope master picks this up because this is reallllyyy cuuuute and sweet and *sly Naruto*

Naruto: I’m home…
Hinata: Welcome home, Naruto-kun.
Naruto: Yeah, Hinata…
Naruto: I was late today, too… too bad.
Naruto: Eh? Is there something up today?
Himawari: Hmm? Dad?
Boruto: Welcome home…
Naruto: Boruto, Himawari! Why are the two of you still awake at this time?

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This is my story about our favorites couples in Naruto! I hope you like it! ♥

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NaruHina doujin- Itte Rasshai [Translated]

Artist of doujin piece- いずみ (Pixiv)

Typesetter: Me/Hero-of-Ninja

Translator: Eriko

Doujin found on Eri-chan’s blog

Main kudos go to いずみ and translation courtesy of Eri-chan. Formatting is done by moia (though not too impressive as I’m amateur with my typesetting ^^ ).

Hope everyone enjoy.


Naru-Santa Claus llega a la casa Uzumaki y trae regalos para los niños, y el regalo para Hinata es…


At winter’s end doujin Part 1

Click here to listen to the song this doujin is based on.

Click here for part 2

Click here for part 3

Translated and typesetted with the original artist’s permission!

Original Doujin Link

Original Artists’s Page

Well, as promised, I will be posting the full lyrics…

I just didn’t mention HOW I’m going to be posting them.

I recently stumbled upon a doujin made by tumblr user KoiHikari which is based on the spanish fandub of the song. I liked it and I asked KoiHikari if I could use her artwork for the English fandub of the song.

She said yes, provided that I provide a link to her tumblr blog.

Which reminds me, here it is:

By the way, if you know Spanish and you are into Naruto, you should really visit her blog. Her artwork is really great, and she comes up with some funny ideas.

Heck, even if you don’t know Spanish, it’s worth visiting her tumblr. Just use Google Translate or something to make sense of her strips… you won’t regret it!

I really don’t know if I will translate more of her stuff, though. If I do, I am going to give her my translations/typesets so that she may post them on her own blog at her own discretion. I really don’t want to harm a budding artist.