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Livestreams have become such a fun and amazing part of our cosplay lives, we’re so lucky to get to talk to you guys and interact with you!! Thank you to everyone who came to our NaruHina one, it had me cracking up so much! If you missed it and want to check it out, it’s here!

Hope you’re having a great day! <3


Imagine your otp being youtubers or video bloggers or it can only be Person A and they asked Person B to join them in making a video. They’ve been dating for a few months or so and things have been going great, ya know?

During filming, they’re joking around and then suddenly, it happens. Accidentally mind you but it’s out there. PERSON A SAYS I LOVE YOU. It just slipped out. I mean they meant it but they didn’t mean to blurt it out so suddenly. (“You have to go sky diving with me!! I promise it’s gonna be fun!” “I love you but if you think I’m doing that then you’re mistaken.”)

And so what happens next? Well, Person A is freaking out like they didn’t mean for to come out the way it did and is now panicking on the inside. They’re sweating and just wants to bury themself in a hole bc oh no! What if Person B thinks it’s too early? Or what if they don’t love me back?? I mean that’s fine bc we’ve just started dating but awkward???

While Person B is just so over the moon that they didn’t realize that they haven’t said it back. They’re blushing so hard but then, snapped out of the trance they’re in and says “Soo” and starts moving closer to Person A who’s still low key panicking “you love me, huh?” A grin slowly making its way on their face. “I love you too” and pecks Person A on the cheek. Person A finally calms down and can’t stop smiling the whole day bc THEY.LOVE.ME.BACK.

When they post the video, their viewers explode bc who gets to have the first time they said I love you to their S.O. on video??

Hahahahahahahha 😂😂😂
And I will tell you that will happen😂
This isn’t an anime ending. That’s the
biggest joke in history 😂

“And it was all me, Sasuke didn’t do anything.”

“Mhmm, sure honey.”


If you haven’t seen already, Boruto volume 2 is out now!! It pretty much finishes up the events of the movie. Thank you so much to Viz for sending us these books! We’ll be sharing another amazing one they sent to us soon. ;)



Featuring all the gay and stupidity your heart craves for! 

I like really can’t see so sorry if the picture is bad but day 3!! NaruHina! See you at the meetup at 3:30 @ Concourse Hall (by the coffee stand)! I would type more but it’s really hard hahaha so I hope you guys have an amazing day and know that you’re wonderful and beautiful and capable of anything ok!!

"If you loved two people, choose the second one, because
if you really loved the first one you wouldn't have fallen
for the second one." 
                              ―Johnny Depp.