NARS Spring 2015 Makeup Releases - A Quick Overview

NARS has launched its Spring 2015 makeup colors, and out of all the warm, soft, pretty coral-tan shades, there are a few choice items which I love - and a few that are just “meh”.

Take a quick look at what these are here!


NARS x Steven Klein Pictorial and First Impressions!

The NARS x Steven Klein Holiday 2015 collection is pretty good for those who like neutral eyes and strong lips. Despite the avant garde packaging and campaign, the colors are pretty classic and foolproof.

And those lip shades - OMG.

I fell in love with lipstick No Shame, which goes on like butter, and decided to do a slightly vampier holiday-appropriate look featuring that luscious berry color, along with Mortal eyeshadow (from the same collection), and NARS’ Habanera eye duo.

The eye tutorial is here, but for a more detailed walk-through of the collection and information on recreating the lips, hop over to


The NARSissist Eye Palette: Swatches and A Quick Review!

It might not be news to some of you folks in the US, but NARS’ highly-anticipated NARSissist palette is coming to Singapore 3 Feb, and will be available for pre-orders on from 27 Jan 2014.

I won’t lie. The price-tag is hefty (S$115) and there are lots of different opinions as to whether it’s worth it, considering the countless “nude” palettes on the market.

I’m not going to make up your mind for you. It really depends on your budget, and what sort of pigmentation level you like with your eye makeup. I’ll just show you swatches and a super quick smoky eye done with the palette in 5 minutes.

The Breakdown:

  • Pigmentation: Medium-buildable. If you’re used to Urban Decay or Make Up For Ever, you might find this less pigmented. But if you’re used to Bobbi Brown and Chanel, these will be much more pigmented. The main thing is it’s quite flexible and flattering; the mattes are not too chalky, the darks are not too patchy, and most of the shades can be worn soft or built up to intensity without you having to wet them.
  • Colors: There are 3 mattes, 4-5 metallics, and the rest are a soft satin (not too shiny or matte) and the colors are split quite evenly between the pale, mid-tone and smoky. There are also 4 slightly cooler taupe/grey tones. Plenty of options for pretty much any neutral look you want.

Reasons to Get It.

  • You are a NARS fan. This is a great addition if you’re already a NARS fanatic of course. It’s as slick and chic as the rest of the line, AND you get so many wearable colors in one product that it will quickly become a work/daily staple.
  • You usually use Diors and Chanels but would like to dip a foot into the “jumbo neutral palettes” category. The satiny (between matte and pearl) textures in this palette are quite similar to what you’d find from Dior and Chanel, and are very flattering for mature or crepe-y eyelids, which don’t look good with chalky mattes or overly metallic sheen.
  • You’re just looking to invest good money in one neutral eye palette that is versatile, easy to use, and sturdy and chic enough to bring out with you, but you’re not keen to buy the same old Naked palette that everyone and her sister has.
  • As NARS says, you have “a bottomless makeup bag” and you can’t imagine not owning this.

Reasons Not to Get It.

  • You are on a tight budget. This is a 15-color eye palette from NARS. You know it is NOT going to be cheap. (Step away from the counter, sister!)
  • You already own Naked 1, Naked 2, Naked 3, and/or all of their alternatives and dupes. (Unless, of course, you are a complete nude palette fanatic with that “bottomless makeup bag” and the money isn’t a problem.)
  • You get paralyzed and don’t know what to do or where to start when you look at a trio or a quad. Much less a 15-color palette.

Final Verdict?

I like it. It’s very versatile, I love the satin textures (I ironically don’t own many satin shadows; they’re mostly full-on metallic or matte), and it’s not super-pigmented, but in a good way. If you tend to be heavy handed or you’re not yet an expert with eye makeup, you’re not very likely to make a big mess with this. The look above was done without any primer or base, using cheap brushes. I got no fallout and the dark shades went on quite intense, and blended out easily.

It’s good, but it’s not mind-blowing enough to say “run out and get it now” considering the hefty price tag. Unless of course, the money is no problem at all - in which case, I’d say it’s a pretty good palette to have!


By Kailey

With the holiday season came countless prettily packaged holiday makeup sets - and although they were nice, I didn’t really NEED any of them… and then I saw NARS’ Digital World set.

This collection comes with five deluxe minis of NARS’ infamous lip pencils, with two matte pencils and three with a satin finish. The range of colors could be better imo (two corals?) but nonetheless, priced at almost half it’s value - I’m completely smitten with this gorgeous set, and the geniusly named “Cruella” is AMAZING.

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Blame It On NARS Summer Gifting Kits

You’ve got permission to blame NARS for making you spend more than you need to.

The Fall Winter 2015 collections are all making their way into stores now, but these 3 beautiful limited edition kits are made just for Summer, and include 2 Lip Pencil trios, and a blush quad. No prizes for guessing that my favorite would be the blush quad here, although the True NARS Lip Kit comes close as well, because I love all the strong punchy colors in there. 

Ultimate NARS is more for creating pouty soft lip looks, and although one shade is a pale cotton candy pink, it’s pretty sheer, and the other 2 shades are perfectly flattering, wearable colors. 

More information on:


NARS x Christopher Kane Makeup Collection

NARS hasn’t done ultra-sparkly Tinkerbell-esque textures in awhile, so the Christopher Kane collection is a bit of a departure. If you like your fairy dust and dreamy nebulous colors with names like Violet Atom and Parallel Universe, be sure to check it out this season.

I have just a small selection to try out, but if you want my low-down on what’s hot and what’s not among the pieces shown above, stop by the blog page here!