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Space Cadet: Part One

A/N: Chris Beck has to be one of my favorite of Seb’s characters. I cant wait to play with him. Be ready for a healthy dose of Beck sass next chapter.

Word Count: 1k+

Warnings: Crude vocabulary. Lot’s of cursing. Mentions of underage drinking.

Summary: Y/N, a plus size English major, has had full possession of Chris Beck’s heart since freshman year when he caught her doodling constellation’s on her notes. Of course, he’s been too chicken-shit to do anything about it over the years. When a dorm party and a handful of eclectic friends bring them together, what’s the worst that could happen? They don’t say you discover your self in college for nothing!


The semester had only begun weeks ago and the university was buzzing with the energy that came with the starting of a new school year. The golden rays of summer we’re fading fast- lost to the dozens of syllabus’ and class reading lists. You had already found yourself immersed in your classes, deciding to take them on head first. You we’re going to finish out your senior year strong, you’d decided. That way when you started grad school next year you’d have a one up. If you wanted to be a serious journalist, and fuck that was all you wanted, you we’re going to have to commit. Hard.

You we’re still waitressing at one of the cafe’s on campus, like you had been since sophomore year. Yeah, it could be a drag but most days going to work was the high light of your day. Because no where else could you spend hours upon hours bullshitting with your co-workers.

Who just so happened to be your best friends.

“You cant be serious”

You look up from the table your wiping down, chuckling at Adrienne’s incredulous tone. The tall blond had her cropped hair tied back in a half knot and her thinly manicured eye brows were knitted together as she glared at you.


“I’m tired” You whine before beginning to walk away from her, back towards the bar “I had an eight o’ clock class today! And I’m opening tomorrow”

“Okay, I told you that taking morning classes was a dumb ass idea-”

“They’re the only one’s Professor Vreeland has!” You needed them, Vreeland was renound for his Political Science classes, for delving into real world subjects in a way that no one else at the school did. You’d been on the waiting list for a fucking year! No way you were going to blow it…even if you did have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn every Tuesday and Thursday to attend them.

“C'mon, Y/N. It’s our Senior year! It’s literally our last year where were going to be able to party, next year I’m going to be balls deep in law school and youre going to be- I don’t know. Like in Uganda or Syria or some other really fucked up war torn country getting the latest scoop-” You cant help but shoot her a look at her crass words. She really was going to make a hell of a lawyer some day “It’s one little dorm party. With the med’s- you know they know how to get down”

Your still not convinced, puckering your lips as you begin to dry a set of cups behind the bar. Med students really did throw some of the best parties- Eh, you still remembered the burning that had come with puking vodka through your nose a few years back.

“Okay, why the stank face?” Rafa says as he comes up from behind you, giving your cheek a quick poke. He’d been working back in the kitchen, his curly mane was contained by a hair net and you had a fleeting suspicion that the gloss he had on his lips was yours. Huh, so there’s where your NARS Turkish Delight had gone!


“She’s trying to figure out if she’s going to be a total fun sponge and ditch us tonight or not” Adrienne explains as she refills Ketchup bottles, and the two of them share a look.

“Uh uh, Bitch. You have to come” Rafa demands sassily “You can not be sitting up in that apartment of yours watching re runs of Scandal every night of your life. It’s not healthy. When’s the last time you actually went out?”

“When’s the last time you actually got laid?” Adrienne teases, chuckling to her self and you throw a straw at her.

“Not that long ago, you rude cunt!” You snap, but you know they’re right. Jesus, how long had it been since you’d had sex? Eight months? A year?…

“I can see you doing timetables in your head, baby girl. And you haven’t gotten any since that one guy, what did we call him, again?” He wracks his brain and Adrienne let out a peel of laughter “Asian persuasion?”

“He was one fine ass motherfucker. Total jock tool, but hot as hell” Adrienne adds on and you put your hand over your face for a moment. They really were awful people. Who we’re your closest confidants…so what did that say about you?

“Oh my god, stop”

“I know you want to go so stop being annoying and just agree already”

You sigh, knowing you were fighting a losing battle. Once your friends got something in their heads, there was no stopping them. You’d learned that first hand over the years.

“We’re going to get dr-uuuu-nk” Adrienne sings as she goes to greet a few customers that had just taken one of the tables in her area.

“Yay” Rafa does a happy little jig, making his way back to the kitchen, after one of the other cooks cusses at about how running his trap wasn’t going to get him paid, with a roll of his eyes and a string of curses in broken Spanglish. “Text me what your going to wear!”

“Come over after and help me choose? I’ll let you raid my jewelry bin” You cajole pleadingly. He had one of the best senses of style you’d ever encountered and he always managed to find shit in the back of your closet that you would never think to wear and make them look like they’d been pulled off the cat walk.

“And your makeup collection?”

“Of course!”

“Done. See you later, baby cakes. You better put your big girl panties on cause were getting lit tonight”

You cant deny that through the rest of the duration of work, your excited for the night to come. Even if you would be dead tired in the morning. You should get to go have some fun, shouldn’t you? Even if it did come in the form of a sloppy dorm party.

And a sloppy dorm party it was.

Honestly, if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all because the scene that unfolds infront of you is familiar and your nose scrunches in unamusement. You must be getting old because you just weren’t…impressed. By the crowds of people who smelled like they were drinking lighter fluid. The dim, poor, lighting of the room their causes their shadows to dance in a way that seemed almost ritualistic. The group of freshman doing beer stands in the corner-

“You want a shot, Y/N?” You snap back to reality, your attention focusing on the scene at hand. The one where Adrienne and Rafa are throwing down shots with a familiar face.

“Eh” You throw a face and your head tilts as Gregg thrusts a bottle of- “I’m not really into gin”


While your friends insist that your the lamest person in the world, Gregg good naturedly tells you that it’s “All cool”, like the genuinely decent golden boy he was. Him with his high cheekbones and his gorgeous deep complexion, and the harem of girls that seemed to trail after him. You’d never joined the fan club, but you could and did appreciate beauty. He was a fine son of a bitch.

A little too JFK for you, but still.

He could honestly run for congress- be the next sec of state or something. But he was going into Neurosurgery, which you guess was fitting enough. He couldn’t give Field of Dream’s esque speeches to patients who were under heavy anesthesia with their domes split down the middle though, could he?

You carry a conversation with him easily, the laughter and drinks flowing. He even gets you to take a shot of the Bombay that tastes like how your grandpa’s closet smells. Of course Adrienne flirts with him shamelessly(don’t hold it against her, guys. That’s her natural disposition: she could charm the pants off of just about anyone, could make Hugh Heffner blush) and you start to stray away, not wanting to be a third wheel because where the fuck had Rafa gone? He always ghosted at parties. You knew you’d probably find him where you found a bong.

“You should go find Beck” Gregg advises and you cant help but perk up a little at the mention. You liked Chris- liked his reclusive nature. His sarcastic bite. He’d been your honorary study buddy all of freshman year. You’d spend hours cramming with him, tucked away in the library… but you hadn’t talked to him in months.

“Chris is here?”

Gregg chuckles knowingly. Knowing of what…you don’t know.

“Yeah. He’s around here somewhere. Go convince him to come drink with us!”

You pretend your not seeking out Chris Beck as you navigate your way through the party, but you search for a head of curly brown locks and a deep, dimpled half grin.


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Okay, this is just an intro, my Astro babies. I wanted to give you all a little tester taste. How do you like it? Yas? No? Maybe so? Leave me some feedback and expect another chapter soon! Oh and please let me know if you’d like to be tagged in this one!

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Turkish Delight

Pairing: Leo/N

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Dom/sub, anal sex, oral, rimming, roleplay, impact play (slapping), mild-humiliation, cross-dressing, orgasm denial, very dirty talk, gross fluff

Wordcount: 2840

Request: Dom!Leo/sub!N, cross-dressing, orgasm denial, impact play.

Notes: well well what have we here…more daddy/princess roleplay I’m so sorry I couldn’t help myself gahhhhh! I really love Daddy!Leo god help me T^T this was delicious to write tbh, and I was planning something very different but it just…wrote itself that way? For a minute I thought about scrapping it and sticking to my initial plan but I just ended up loving it so much idk its giving me all sorts of feels…I hope you guys (and the person who requested of course) love it ^_^

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