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What's your everyday makeup routine like?

lately i’ve been using NARS pure radiant tinted moisturizer, boy brow from glossier, cloud paint in beam from glossier for blush, haloscope highlighter from glossier, brown mascara from the drugstore and lip balm! :) and i set my face with rose water spray!! :)


- makeup forever step 1 smoothing primer
- nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer in alaska
- clinqiue cheek pop blush in heather pop
- becca x jaclyn hill champagne glow palette (pearl, champagne pop)
- (np) makeup forever mist & fix setting spray

- abh brow powder duo in medium brown
- abh clear brow gel
- milani shadow eyez in 10 almond cream
- sonia kashuk eye on neutral (matte) palette
- makeup forever 15 artist shadow palette (i-528, i-524)
- josie maran black oil mascara

- bite beauty luminous creme lipstick in pepper

Nothing is better than taking a warm shower after a freezing high school football game. I honestly don’t understand why people from my school attend to these football games just to “hang out”. Like seriously. I have to go because I’m a band nerd and have to play at the half time show. It sucks. I rather spend my night at home, on a warm bed watching a movie while scrolling on tumblr. In the bright side, my stuff from sephora came! I ordered an urban decay shadow in twice baked. I had to but it because it was only six dollars! I also got the Nars tinted moisturizer with my 100 point insider thing.

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Oh yes, it is that time of the year again when sleep deprived students all over the world are pulling all nighters and struggling to stay awake during the day. While I can’t help you with staying awake, I definitely can share some tips about how to care for your skin when you’re sleep deprived and how to make it LOOK like you got eight hours of sleep!! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you want to see more school related videos!!

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I've come to really like my pale skin because of you, you're so pretty! but I've noticed that even the lightest of foundations can be too dark/don't match my neck or chest area. I'm currently using nars sheer glow in Siberia (THAT pale). It works ok because it does have yellow undertones but lately it's just not been doing the trick and I wish I could expand to other brands. Do you know of any lines that have such light shades? Thanks Anna :)

I loved NARS Tinted Moisturizer, I think I had Siberia in that as well, but you’re right about the yellow undertones! They’re very strong. My favorite is Naked Skin from Urban Decay, their range of shades + undertones rocks. I’m a mix of 0.5 &1 in that. Make Up Forever has great great great foundations. They recently reformulated their super popular HD foundation, so check that out. I’ve used (& adored) the Mat Velvet+, but seeing as it’s summer that might not be what you’re looking for. For a super light coverage base, I go with bareMinerals Complexion Rescue. my FAVORITE bare product. honestly amazing. I’m 01 Opal and it’s pretty pink sometimes. Get samples of alllll of these or any you’re interested in before buying!